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About the CSTA and STS Programs

The FAA established the Chief Scientific and Technical Advisors (CSTA) and Senior Technical Specialist (STS) Programs under FAA Order 8000.80A. The CSTA and STS programs are designed to build and maintain a cadre of specialized technical experts of worldwide reputation who:

  • are at the forefront of scientific and technological activities related to FAA research and development efforts.
  • influence the research agendas of U.S. and foreign aviation industries, military, academia, and other research institutions.
  • interact with and assist other U.S. Government agencies and foreign civil aviation authorities in technology-related issues.

Today, there are CSTA and STS positions, in Aircraft Certification and Flight Standards, in numerous technical disciplines.

The CSTA and STS play a technical leadership role within the FAA and the aviation industry in the design and development of aircraft and in the application of regulatory policies and practices for certification of state-of-the-art technology. Through the CSTA and STS, the FAA is at the forefront of these changes, enabling the United States to maintain its position of world leadership in the aviation industry.

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