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CSTA and STS Programs

Technical Disciplines and Biographies

Chief Scientific and Technical Advisors (CSTA)

Technical Discipline CSTA
Advanced Avionics Peter F. Skaves
Advanced Composite Materials Larry B. Ilcewicz, Ph.D.
Advanced Control Systems Unassigned
Aeronautical Communications Unassigned
Aircraft Computer Software George Romanski
Aircraft Electromagnetic Compatibility David B. Walen
Aircraft Safety Analysis Ann Azevedo
Crash Dynamics Joseph Pellettiere, Ph.D.
Engine System Dynamics and Safety Unassigned
Fatigue and Damage Tolerance Michael Gorelik, Ph.D.
Flight Deck Human Factors Kathy H. Abbott, Ph.D.
Flight Deck Technology Integration Unassigned
Flight Environmental Icing Unassigned
Flight Loads/Aeroelasticity Unassigned
Flight Simulation Systems Jeffery Schroeder, Ph.D.
Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance Systems Bill Johnson, Ph.D.
Metallurgy Unassigned
Nondestructive Evaluation Unassigned
Propulsion Control Systems Unassigned
Satellite Navigation Systems Ken Alexander
Vulnerability Discovery and Safety Measurement Programs Unassigned
Wake Turbulence Edward Johnson, Ph.D.

Senior Technical Specialists (STS)

Technical Discipline STS
Advanced Composite Materials Cindy Ashforth
Aircraft Cabin Security and Survivability Jeff Gardlin
Aircraft Icing John Fisher
Aviation Fuels and Lubricants Mark Rumizen
Flight Deck Human Factors Colleen Donovan
Nondestructive Inspection Unassigned

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