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The Rotorcraft Directorate is responsible for:

  • FAA regulations and policy related to engineering certification of rotorcraft and powered-lift aircraft
  • FAA certification of rotorcraft worldwide, and both fixed and rotary wing aircraft within the FAA Southwest Region
  • Approving the design and production for all fixed and rotary wing aircraft manufactured or modified within the FAA Southwest Region.

Certification of Rotorcraft

Rotorcraft Occupant Safety

Helicopters equipped with crash resistant fuel systems, crash resistant seats and structures provide the highest level of protection for pilots and passengers. Learn more about crash resistant fuel systems and crash resistant seats with our Helicopter Occupant Safety Toolkit (PDF).

Special Emphasis

Safety Promotion Concept for Design and Equipment

The FAA released a white paper in December 2020 that described a concept promoting voluntary options for enhancing safety for six different categories of rotorcraft design and equipment. The purpose of the concept is to better inform and educate rotorcraft stakeholders and promote increased voluntary equipage in areas that have the potential to reduce fatal accidents. The white paper was provided to industry. Further development of the concept is in progress and updates will be posted as they become available.

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