Production Certificate Application and Approval Process

To obtain a production certificate:

Step 1. Manufacturer submits application.

Step 2. FAA evaluates quality system.

  • Determines that proposed manufacturing facilities located outside the United States place no undue burden on the FAA in administering the applicable regulations.
  • Conducts a quality system audit to determine compliance with the applicable requirements of 14 CFR part 21. This audit evaluates the applicant's organization, production facility, quality system, and approved quality system and design data for compliance with applicable requirements.
  • Notifies the applicant in writing of any corrective actions required.
  • Conducts any additional audits, corrective actions, or meetings with the applicant if needed to support the application process.

Step 3. FAA issues Production Approval.

If the applicant's quality system, organization, and facilities are in compliance with 14 CFR part 21 subpart G, the FAA will issue:

  • A Production Certificate, FAA Form 8120-4, and a Production Limitation Record, FAA Form 8120-3. The Production Limitation Record identifies which products or articles are authorized for production.

Production approval regulations & policies

Last updated: Wednesday, June 29, 2022