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Become a Certificated 14 CFR Part 145 Repair Station-B. Formal Application

Phase 2 – Formal Application

To begin the Formal Application Phase the team will receive the application, and attachments. As a rule, the team will meet with the applicant after receiving the formal application package. All questions about the proposed operation, the formal application, and attachments should be resolved at this time. The meeting should consist of the certification team members and all key management personnel from the applicant's organization.

Corporation Papers : If a corporation makes the application, the FAA must have a copy of the Certificate of Incorporation by the State and any accompanying documentation to evaluate the eligibility of the applicant.

Drug and Alcohol Program: All applicants wishing to perform maintenance functions on Air Carrier / Commuter aircraft or components must provide a drug and alcohol program to be approved by the FAA. The Drug Abatement Home page

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