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Become a Certificated 14 CFR Part 145 Repair Station



  • 337, Major Repair and Alteration. Instructions are in AC43.9-1
  • 8310-3, Application for Repair Station Certificate and/or Rating
  • 8400-6, Preapplication Statement of Intent
  • 8610-2, Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application, if applicable
  • 8130-3, Airworthiness Approval Tag. Instructions are in Order 8130.21

Forms Issued by FAA to Part 145 Repair Stations

Note: These forms are only available to FAA personnel.

  • 8000-4, Air Agency Certificate
  • 8000-4-1, Repair Station Operations Specifications
  • 8060-4, Temporary Airman Certificate

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