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FAA Unapproved Parts Notifications (UPN)

FAA UPNs Posted in 2005
Date Posted Subject Number
12/20/2005 Gross Instrument Corp. -- Improper Maintenance of Aircraft Components and Instruments 2005-00157 (MS Word)
12/15/2005 M&M International Aerospace Metals, Inc. -- Raw Metal Sold With Altered Material Certification 2004-00167 (MS Word)
9/28/2005 Misrepresented Cargo Unit Load Devices (ULDs) 2004-00036 (MS Word)
9/06/2005 Aircraft and Engines Approved for Return to Service by Robert Bryan Gould 2005-00064 (MS Word)
6/15/2005 Millennium Propeller Systems, Inc. -- Improper Maintenance of Aircraft Propellers 2004-00041 (PDF)
6/13/2005 Oxford Aviation Services, Limited (d/b/a CSE Aviation ) -- Improper Maintenance of Aircraft Propellers 2004-00146 (PDF)
2/09/2005 West Coast Cylinder Works -- Improper Maintenance of R-1820 Engine Cylinders 2004-00210 (PDF)
1/21/2005 Falcon Aircraft Accessories (FLAC) - Improper Maintenance of Aircraft Alternators, Generators, and Starters 2004-00076 (PDF)

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