FAA Unapproved Parts Notifications (UPN)

FAA UPNs Posted in 2007
Date Posted Subject Number
12/14/2007 Jerry R. Comeaux dba Quality Aircraft Support . -- Improper returned to service auxiliary power units and component parts S2007-00727004 (PDF)
11/07/2007 Aerospace Precision, Inc. -- Improper Maintenance of Aircraft Accessories and Wheel and Brake Assemblies 2007-00139 (PDF)
06/15/2007 Hollywood Manufacturing, Inc. - Swash-plate Support Bolts 2007-00089 (MS Word)
06/14/2007 Anco-Tech, Inc. – Fraudulently Produced Titanium Tubing 2003-00236 (MS Word)
05/04/2007 Santa Fe Aerospace Corporation – Improper Maintenance of Aircraft Appliances 2007-00045 (MS Word)
04/27/2007 Eurocopter Alouette Helicopters (Specific Models) — Improperly Certificated and Imported Into U.S. 2007-00104 (MS Word)
04/16/2007 George Myles, Jr.; Miles Aviation, Inc.; Myles Aviation, Inc. -- Falsification of Documents 2005-00168 (MS Word)
04/04/2007 Schoeben and Schoeben, Inc., d/b/a Metal Tech – Improper Maintenance of Aircraft Components 2007-00051 (MS Word)
03/14/2007 Revised: Aerospace Instrument Support, Inc. - KX-99A Antenna Adapters 2006-00083 (MS Word)
01/18/2007 Hill Industries, Inc. – Tail Rotor Hanger Bearings 2006-00097 (MS Word)
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