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FAA Unapproved Parts Notifications (UPN)

FAA UPNs Posted in 2008
Date Posted Subject Number
11/4/2008 FH 1100 Manufacturing Corporation -- FH 1100 helicopter parts sold and/or returned to service with no traceability 2008-200700169 (PDF)
08/01/2008 Mid Continent Aircraft Corp. -- Improperly produced and sold parts for installation on agricultural aircraft. 2008-S20080226009 (PDF)
06/19/2008 Brian D. Snyder d.b.a. Smooth Landings, Inc. aka Always Airborne -- Fraudulent maintenance record entries for inspection and repairs. 2008-S20080418002 (PDF)
06/19/2008 WECO, Inc. -- Improperly returned to service aircraft components and instruments. 2008-S20080411011 (PDF)
06/12/2008 Rolls Royce Impeller wheels lost in shipping : part number 23079946, serial numbers MW51835, MW51837, MW51839 and MW51840 did not complete manufacturing processes and are not airworthy. 2008-S20071123008 (PDF)
05/08/2008 Concord International Aerospace, Inc. -- Approved various aircraft parts for return to service using fraudulently produced documents. 2008-200700111 (PDF)
05/08/2008 The Aviation Group, Inc. (TAG) -- Improper maintenance General Design, Inc., DC motors and Beechcraft main landing gear actuator assemblies. 2008-200500171 (PDF)
4/21/2008 BeloateĀ’s Aircraft Trim, Inc. -- Fraudulently produced and sold sewn and woven textile products such as seat covers, carpeting, float covers, straps and other associated parts. 2008-200500151 (PDF)
3/27/2008 Robert A. Weber and/or Johnathan F. Regier, d.b.a. Webco Aircraft Company -- Improper maintenance Piper Comanche and Twin Comanche aircraft (all models) parts. 2008-S2007083021 (PDF)
3/26/2008 Aeronautical Technology, Inc., d.b.a. Aero Technology -- Improper maintenance TCAS display indicators 2008-200600159 (PDF)
3/26/2008 Stevens Aviation, Inc. -- Improperly maintained various electronic controllers 2008-S200700130 (PDF)
3/25/2008 AAR Landing Gear Services. -- Improper Maintenance of Main Landing Gear Truck Beams 2008-S20080110024 (PDF)
2/28/2008 Ford Instruments and Accessories, LC -- Improper maintenance cabin controllers and outflow valves. 2008-S20070831032 (PDF)
2/21/2008 Genuine Repairs Aerospace, Inc. -- Improper maintenance and return to service engine rotating groups and components. 2008-S20071128005 (PDF)

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