FAA Unapproved Parts Notifications (UPN)

FAA UPNs Posted in 2012
Date Posted Subject Number
04/30/2012 Think Big Products, LLC (d/b/a LivingXL, Casual Male), Canton, MA - Manufactured parts without FAA authorization and did not mark parts in accordance with FAA requirements 2012-20111202019 (PDF)
05/15/2012 Frank Rogers, Bellevue, WA - Selling aircraft parts without FAA approval 2012-20111205021 (PDF)
05/21/2012 Chelton Avionics, Inc. (dba Wulfsberg Electronics Division), Prescott, AZ - Sold parts without FAA approval 2012-20111019001 (PDF)
06/26/2012 Aviation Communication and Surveillance Systems (ACSS), Phoenix, AZ - Manufactured and sold nonconforming avionics components - TCAS,
T2CAS, Transponders (ATDL), and Identification Friend-or-Foe (IFF) units
2012-20111122003 (PDF)
07/19/2012 Travel Caddy, Inc. d/b/a Travelon, Elk Grove Village, IL – Selling aircraft parts without FAA authorization 2012-20111202018 (PDF)
07/19/2012 Seat Belt Extender Pros and More of Me to Love, Sandy Spring, Georgia - Sold aircraft parts without FAA authorization 2012-20111117011 (PDF)
07/30/2012 Electrospec, Inc., Dover, NJ – Sold nonconforming transistors 2012-20111108011 (PDF)
07/30/2012 Superior Air Parts, Inc., Coppell, TX – Sold aircraft parts without FAA approval 2012-20120104008 (PDF)
08/14/2012 Aircraft Interior Design, Inc., Dallas, TX - Manufactured parts without FAA approval 2012-20120117011 (PDF)
09/17/2012 Schatz Bearing Corporation, Poughkeepsie, NY & National Precision Bearing Group (a division of Mechatronics, Inc.) in Preston, WA - Sold parts without FAA approval 2012-20120119012 (PDF)
11/19/2012 Avcon Conversions (aka, TDM, Inc.) Udall, KS - Sold parts without FAA approval 2012-20111221009 (PDF)
11/19/2012 HID Country, Sarasota, Florida - Sold seat belt extenders without FAA approval 2012-20120203005 (PDF)
11/26/2012 GillickTravel.com, San Diego, CA – Sold unapproved seat belt extenders 2012-20120213010.pdf (PDF)
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