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FAA Unapproved Parts Notifications (UPN)

FAA Unapproved Parts Notifications (UPN) for 2014
Date Posted Subject Number
1/08/2014 Aircraft engine controls: GE engine controls (FADEC), part number 4120TOOP12DT, Serial numbers LMDL0123 and LMDL0145 2014-20130611002 (PDF)
(Rescinded: 7/14/2016)
Aircraft Engine: 1st stage hanger for CT7 engine model
(UPN Rescinded)
2014-20130520002 (PDF)
3/20/2014 Avion Research Corporation manufactured and offered for sale, parts and articles intended for use on type certificated US registered aircraft without FAA Production Manufacturing Approval 2014-2013NM510030 (PDF)
5/01/2014 Ameri-King Corporation manufactured and sold multi-axis G-switches and associated mounting trays without FAA production approval.
Ameri-King Part Photos (PDF)
2014-2014NM460011 (PDF)
5/01/2014 Boeing Aircraft: Models 707, 717, 727, 737, 747, 757, 767, 777, and KC-135 Military Parts.
List of Items (by Boeing part number) produced by Western Metals without FAA PMA (PDF)
2014-20131031008 (PDF)
9/03/2014 Aircraft components approved for return to service by Dukes Aerospace Incorporated 2014-20130403005 (PDF)
11/14/2014 Barrel Nuts, PN NAS577B7A, Alcoa Fastening Systems: Batch numbers 5334992-000, M004187-000 or 5323292-000 2014-2014ACE072501 (PDF)
12/23/2014 Cessna Aircraft Model 560XL, RH Wing Aileron Cables 2014-20140626002 (PDF)

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