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Dos and Don'ts for Airport Sponsors Responding to a Part 16 Investigation


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  • Take it seriously. If the FAA has docketed the complaint, the FAA believes the allegations stated merit investigation.
  • Understand the process. Review 14 CFR Part 16.
  • Respond to each allegation.
  • Tell us the story. Include supporting documentation needed to substantiate the facts.
  • Recognize your obligations as an airport sponsor.


  • Call names or make personal accusations.
  • Send a copy of the grant assurances. You can refer to the assurances by number or statute.
  • Ignore deadlines. If additional time is needed to respond, make a motion requesting additional time.
  • Send unnecessary exhibits.
  • Bring up unrelated issues. Focus on the allegations and the facts needed to respond.
  • Be afraid to admit past mistakes that you have fixed. A Part 16 investigation focuses on current compliance.

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