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O'Hare Modernization Environmental Impact Statement

Total Airspace & Airport Modeller (TAAM) Simulation Analysis

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is using the Total Airspace & Airport Modeller (TAAM) to support the planning and environmental analyses of the O’Hare Modernization Environmental Impact Statement. TAAM is a fast-time delay and travel time computer simulation model that is being used to calculate delays and travel times as well as to provide information to be used in the Air Quality and Noise Analyses. The modeling is being done by Ricondo & Associates, a City of Chicago contractor, at the direction and oversight of the FAA.

As this data becomes available in draft final form, the FAA will post the various components of each analysis including the operating assumptions, TAAM project files, and supporting Noise and Air Quality Analyses data utilized from the TAAM model. However, please be advised that this TAAM data continues to be reviewed by the FAA and may change.

For each scenario, the following directories will be available:

  • TAAM Project Files;
  • TAAM Assumptions/Results Data Package;
  • TAAM Data for Noise and Air Quality Analyses; and
  • Communication.

TAAM is a commercially available model developed and maintained by Preston Aviation Solutions. It is used to develop representative existing conditions and to perform “what-if” analyses of various airfield development alternatives. The files listed under the section TAAM Project Files are used in running the model. However, due to licensing agreements, the TAAM model itself is not available on this website.

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