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NASA AMES Simulations

Chicago OMP Ultimate-phase Real-time Simulation and workload Evaluation (COURSE) Project

A real-time, human-in-the-loop (HITL) Air Traffic Control Tower (ATCT) simulation was conducted at NASA's FutureFlight Center (FFC) in late September 2005.  During that simulation, nine Air Traffic Controllers from the O'Hare ATCT conducted operations from a mock up of the tower cab of the simulated airport with six parallel and two crosswind runways as shown in approved Airport Layout Plan (ALP) and with traffic levels approximately 10% higher than in the 2018 forecast.

The purpose of the simulation was to assess air traffic control staffing utilization and to optimize controller workload distribution in order to manage the future airfield configuration (e.g., how many air traffic controllers would be required to manage ground control operations, how those controller should be positioned in the tower cab, and how to define their areas of responsibility).

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