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Airport Data & Contact Information

Use this form to find basic airport facilities and contact information, data downloads, and lists of emergency plan airports. Use links in the resulting reports to view more complete data and print Airport Master Record (5010-1) forms.

Information Current as of 03/25/2021


Airport remarks can be referenced to specific fuel types available at the airport, e.g. the remark for 100LL may be different than the remark for MOGAS. The airport remark record will be enhanced to identify the specific fuel type after the referenced element name (FUEL). This has necessitated the total record length increase in length two characters. This change in format is now expected for the May 20, 2021 effective date. A preview format definition is included as "apt_rf_eff20210520.txt". A sample data file with this new format layout has also been produced, named "APT-Sample_eff20210520.txt". This sample file is generated from a test system which does not have real data. The data contains obsolete information and test case scenarios. The sample is intended to verify your format parsing. Do not use this data for navigation or flight planning.


Effective for the September 10, 2020 cycle, a standardization will be run on facility names to implement the appropriate abbreviation as outlined in FAA order JO 7240.2J.


The runway end gradient data in the apt.txt data set, element E40, contained erroneous and incomplete data and should not be used for any purpose. All runway end gradient data has been removed as of the April 25, 2019 effective date NASR Subscriber files. The runway end gradient data field will publish with null values while Aeronautical Information Services works to ensure all runway end gradient data can be safely repopulated.

Location(s) Selection Form

  • To view all locations click the Submit button without making any selections.
  • A city or county name may exist in more than one state. If you select a city or county you must also select a state to avoid these duplicates.
  • If you are not certain what region or district to select go to Contact Information for FAA Headquarters and Regional Airports Offices for the associated states.

Airport Data Importer Tools

The following tools convert airport information available at FAA's Aeronautical Information Services, 28 Day NASR Subscription into usable data tables.

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Airport Data Dictionaries

The following list shows the field names and descriptions for the four tables that comprise the airport data.

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Airport Data Query Sites

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FAA Forms 5010, Airport Master Record

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Modification Reports

The following reports contain modifications made since the previous publication of this data and are designed for the maintenance of airport data contained in an application used within the FAA.

These may have value to you if you maintain a similar database separate from the NFDC airport data.

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