NFDC Airports Data Modifications

Effective Date: August 20, 2015

District Office
Facility Name
Location ID
Site Number
ARP Latitude
ARP Longitude
ARP Elevation
AAL NONE AK EUREKA SKELTON 3AK1 50200.19*A PR PR 61-56-16.7400N 147-10-12.2900 3289 Addition
AAL NONE AK KETCHIKAN MCCUES 8AK4 50412.15*H PR PR 55-22-02.9400N 131-42-56.9200 2 Addition
AAL NONE AK MCCARTHY IVERSON FARM 0AK8 50464.6*A PR PR 61-25-08.5000N 142-59-03.2500 1320 Addition
ACE NONE MO BOLIVAR CITIZENS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 76MO 11553.03*H PR PR 37-37-34.0300N 093-25-14.6400 1604 Addition
AEA HAR PA GRATERFORD SCI GRATERFORD 4PS2 20471.19*H PR PR 40-13-56.0200N 075-26-10.8100 283 Addition
AEA HAR PA WEMERSVILLE BOYER 28PA 21726.5*A PR PR 40-19-19.4200N 076-06-02.2400 510 Addition
AEA NONE NY NORWICH UHS CHENANGO MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 9NK2 15836.24*H PR PR 42-32-31.9000N 075-31-36.5000 1090 Addition
AGL CHI IL LAWRENCEVILLE KLEIN-ONEAL IL16 04803.11*A PR PR 38-41-09.4100N 087-32-39.7200 413 Addition
AGL CHI IN FRANCESVILLE HALLMARK IN32 05290.08*A PR PR 40-57-19.0000N 086-54-22.0000 695 Addition
AGL DET MI ALPENA SILVER CITY AIRPARK MI55 09518.01*A PR PR 45-07-56.4500N 083-26-52.9000 680 Addition
AGL DET MI PONTIAC ST. JOSEPH MERCY OAKLAND-BASSETT STREET HE 83MI 10232.19*H PR PR 42-36-43.6000N 083-16-33.1000 980 Addition
AGL DET OH AVON RICHARD E. JACOBS HEALTH CENTER 1OH4 17564.18*H PR PR 41-28-10.7904N 081-58-52.2012 632 Addition
AGL DET OH BOWLING GREEN WOOD COUNTY HOSPITAL 85OH 17620.23*H PR PR 41-22-35.6200N 083-40-00.1500 690 Addition
AGL DET OH BRYAN COMMUNITY HOSPITAL OF WILLIAMS COUNTY 82OH 17653.03*H PR PR 41-28-27.2700N 084-33-28.7500 749 Addition
AGL DET OH NAPOLEON HENRY COUNTY HOSPITAL OH06 18253.02*H PR PR 41-24-43.1200N 084-05-15.2900 666 Addition
AGL DET OH NORWALK FISHER-TITUS MEDICAL CENTER OH08 18339.6*H PR PR 41-13-25.2655N 082-36-12.3029 771 Addition
AGL DET OH SPRINGFIELD SPRINGFIELD REGIONAL MEDICAL CENTER OH81 18528.26*H PR PR 39-55-43.5084N 083-49-03.0622 969 Addition
AGL DET OH ST. MARYS JOINT TOWNSHIP MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 23OH 18468.11*H PR PR 40-32-40.7866N 084-22-20.5830 894 Addition
AGL DET OH TROY UPPER VALLEY MEDICAL CENTER 0OH4 18585.21*H PR PR 40-05-08.9445N 084-13-43.9448 867 Addition
AGL DET OH TWINSBURG TWINSBURG FAMILY HEALTH AND SURGERY CENTER 4OH5 18690.20*H PR PR 41-18-04.4892N 081-26-12.7752 1041 Addition
AGL MSP MN HUTCHINSON J W FIELD MN36 10746.11*A PR PR 44-56-54.8600N 094-15-36.6100 1088 Addition
AGL MSP WI CUMBERLAND NORTHWOODS ROMEO 4WI3 27132.14*C PR PR 45-32-17.0000N 092-01-23.0000 1243 Addition
AGL NONE ND MINOT HILL 41ND 17417.8*A PR PR 48-08-25.8400N 101-08-50.5200 1533 Addition
ANE NONE MA BOSTON TUFTS MEDICAL CENTER MA66 08778.23*H PR PR 42-20-56.5349N 071-03-47.6066 230 Addition
ANE NONE NH FRANCONIA PRESBY FIELD 25NH 13256.18*A PR PR 44-13-56.7000N 071-42-58.7000 1250 Addition
ANM DEN UT HURRICANE ZION HELICOPTERS UT66 25168.26*H PR PR 37-10-24.8000N 113-20-44.2000 3175 Addition
ANM NONE MT BELGRADE JONES LANDING 05MT 12255.49*A PR PR 45-48-59.8600N 111-09-07.7100 4364 Addition
ASO ATL NC LILLINGTON HARNETT HEALTH 42NR 16864.08*H PR PR 35-25-33.4400N 078-48-33.9800 185 Addition
ASO NONE GA PERRY GUARDIAN CENTERS OF GEORGIA GA97 03956.7*H PR PR 32-30-04.6000N 083-44-58.6000 451 Addition
ASO ORL FL ARCADIA HUMMINGBIRDS LANDING FL40 03030.08*A PR PR 27-07-15.5000N 081-48-09.6900 50 Addition
ASO ORL FL SUNNILAND ALTAIR FA02 03507.57*A PR PR 26-18-35.6100N 081-13-38.2800 19 Addition
ASW LNM NM TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES SPACEPORT AMERICA 9NM9 14747.04*A PR PR 32-59-22.3700N 106-58-10.0850 4595 Addition
ASW TEX TX CISCO GREGORY M SIMMONS MEMORIAL GZN 23602.4*A PR PU 32-21-57.0300N 099-01-25.2450 1711 Addition
AWP NONE AZ YOUNG PLEASANT VALLEY MEDICAL CENTER AZ11 00840.16*H PR PR 34-06-08.6900N 110-57-37.2100 5190 Addition
ACE NONE MO BOLIVAR CITIZENS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 8MO8 11553.03*H PR PR 37-37-34.0300N 093-25-14.6400 1604 Deletion
AEA HAR PA COLLEGEVILLE WYETH PHARMACEUTICALS 3PN8 20104.03*H PR PR 40-09-31.1700N 075-27-48.3400 186 Deletion
AEA HAR PA TIOGA NIELSEN 99PA 21594.51*A PR PR 41-55-11.2650N 077-08-28.8970 1040 Deletion
AGL DET MI ALPENA SILVER CITY AIRPARK 53M 09518.01*A PR PU 45-07-56.4500N 083-26-52.9000 680 Deletion
ANM HLN ID NEW MEADOWS MICHAELS LANDING 54ID 04275.51*A PR PR 45-07-23.7600N 116-19-19.2250 3881 Deletion
ASO ATL SC GREENVILLE HARTNESS 11SC 22309.13*H PR PR 34-50-24.0000N 082-15-12.0000 890 Deletion
ASO ATL SC HEMINGWAY HEMINGWAY-STUCKEY 38J 22327.*A PU PU 33-43-43.0970N 079-30-57.5140 54 Deletion

Data Source: Facility Aeronautical Data Distribution System (FADDS)
This information is provided as-is by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Airports (