NFDC Airports Data Modifications

Effective Date: May 23, 2019

District Office
Facility Name
Location ID
Site Number
ARP Latitude
ARP Longitude
ARP Elevation
AGL CHI IL TAMPICO HARMS AIRSTRIP 08IL 05022.8*A PR PR 41-34-37.1180N 089-47-38.3780W 643 Deletion
ANM SEA WA CHELAN RIVERVIEW AIRPARK WT03 26147.02*A PR PR 47-54-01.0000N 119-53-45.0000W 1210 Deletion
ASW AOK AR WATSON YANCOPIN 0AR7 01200.4*A PR PR 33-57-00.3750N 091-10-52.4110W 150 Deletion
ASW LNM LA BATON ROUGE LA COSTE CONSTRUCTION CO 3LA3 07424.1*A PR PR 30-30-08.6820N 091-14-34.3930W 34 Deletion
ASW TEX TX DRIPPING SPRINGS OHHO 0XA8 23776.05*A PR PR 30-16-12.0000N 098-06-30.0000W 1340 Deletion
AAL NONE AK NUIQSUT WILLOW CONOCOPHILLIPS 42AK 50548.84*A PR PR 70-06-39.2000N 152-07-47.1000W 100 Addition
ACE NONE NE OMAHA SKY RANCH NE24 12855.15*A PR PR 41-21-37.4200N 096-02-24.2400W 1265 Addition
AEA HAR NJ PRINCETON PRINCETON MEDICAL CENTER 45NJ 14214.16*H PR PR 40-20-24.4900N 074-37-32.1900W 83 Addition
AEA NONE NY OYSTER BAY CLIVE HOLMES ESTATE NY04 15888.15*H PR PR 40-54-50.8000N 073-31-14.1500W 13 Addition
AGL DMA MN BUFFALO GRESETH 19MN 10605.07*C PR PR 45-10-29.1532N 093-45-54.3276W 970 Addition
AGL DMA MN HOWARD LAKE MCKEEN 6MN3 10742.13*C PR PR 45-04-22.4200N 094-04-10.8600W 1020 Addition
AGL MSP MN HALSTAD ASLESEN 8MN2 10733.21*A PR PR 47-20-08.1100N 096-44-56.1600W 879 Addition
AGL NONE MI SWARTZ CREEK ROTOR-LIFT 45MI 09831.905*H PR PR 42-52-12.8100N 083-49-25.3400W 850 Addition
ANE NONE ME CRANBERRY ISLES CRANBERRY ISLES ME77 07926.03*H PR PR 44-15-05.6000N 068-16-06.6000W 50 Addition
ANE NONE ME LONG ISLAND LONG ISLAND ME98 08098.12*H PR PR 43-41-09.0700N 070-10-02.2300W 65 Addition
ANE NONE ME NORTH HAVEN NORTH HAVEN 2ME2 08168.14*H PR PR 44-07-45.7400N 068-52-27.6200W 48 Addition
ANM SEA WA CHELAN RIVERVIEW AIRPARK 9WA 26147.02*A PR PU 47-54-01.0000N 119-53-45.0000W 1210 Addition
ASW NONE AR PONCA PONCA INT 37AR 01149.16*A PR PR 36-03-08.5000N 093-22-02.3700W 2301 Addition
ASW NONE LA BOYCE TRACEMONT FIELD LA10 07445.20*A PR PR 31-21-32.0000N 092-43-21.0000W 83 Addition
ASW NONE LA LEESVILLE SELF FORWARD LANDING STRIP 19LA 07608.19*A MR PR 31-07-01.2800N 093-09-15.5400W 368 Addition
ASW NONE OK DRUMMOND SHERIDAN FLD OK99 18930.19*A PR PR 36-17-17.8000N 098-01-23.2000W 1220 Addition
ASW NONE OK GUTHRIE HIGLEY FLD 55OL 18989.08*A PR PR 35-46-49.5500N 097-34-06.2100W 1080 Addition
ASW NONE OK MARLOW RAMEY 1 0OK8 19091.18*A PR PR 34-36-51.0000N 098-01-24.0000W 1204 Addition
ASW NONE OK RANDLETT STONER MEM 15OK 19184.13*A PR PR 34-10-35.0000N 098-18-35.0000W 980 Addition
ASW NONE TX FRISCO HOSPITAL 13TA 23908.08*H PR PR 33-10-50.0000N 096-50-18.0000W 646 Addition
AWP LAX CA SIMI VALLEY SIMI VALLEY HOSPITAL CA75 02295.19*H PR PR 34-17-21.0800N 118-44-45.6300W 1045 Addition
AWP PHX NV CRESCENT VALLEY RED OWL RANCH NV89 13044.3*A PR PR 40-30-08.4000N 116-32-48.3700W 4850 Addition
AEA HAR PA GETTYSBURG CAPTAIN'S FOLLY PS25 20439.5*A PR PR 39-50-36.3470N 077-09-53.0000W 641 Deletion
AEA HAR PA HERSHEY BROOKSIDE FARMS 59PN 20540.1*A PR PR 40-18-57.3230N 076-41-08.8880W 489 Deletion

Data Source: Facility Aeronautical Data Distribution System (FADDS)
This information is provided as-is by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Airports