NFDC Airports Data Modifications

Effective Date: September 10, 2020

District Office
Facility Name
Location ID
Site Number
ARP Latitude
ARP Longitude
ARP Elevation
AEA NONE NY SHRUB OAK SHRUB OAK HELISTOP 31NY 16180.*H PR PR 41-18-37.9900N 073-50-10.1700W 663 Addition
AEA NONE PA LINGLESTOWN AUER FLD 1PA6 20780.03*A PR PR 40-21-39.0000N 076-44-37.0000W 536 Addition
AGL CHI IN RISING SUN HERBS FIELD 31II 05608.02*A PR PR 38-54-43.5100N 084-54-18.7100W 802 Addition
AGL CHI WI PLATTEVILLE SOUTHWEST HEALTH WI20 27490.11*H PR PR 42-43-13.6500N 090-27-28.1200W 1003 Addition
AGL DET MI EVART MEEMOS FARM 31MI 09791.01*H PR PR 43-51-22.1800N 085-19-30.3500W 1081 Addition
AGL DET MI JEROME DAVIS FLD 79MI 09981.55*A PR PR 41-59-52.5900N 084-28-35.0000W 1185 Addition
AGL DET MI LEONARD CHETZ PAD 3MI5 10017.55*H PR PR 42-49-23.7100N 083-09-08.2000W 954 Addition
AGL DET MI MOUNT CLEMENS MCLAREN MACOMB HOSPITAL MI00 05062.*H PR PR 42-35-19.3000N 082-53-54.3000W 600 Addition
AGL DET MI UNION CITY A-1 PAINT HORSE FARM 8MI8 10392.42*H PR PR 42-00-39.0000N 085-07-14.0000W 932 Addition
AGL DET OH JACKSON HOLZER MEDICAL CENTER - JACKSON OH00 18045.11*H PR PR 39-01-58.8500N 082-38-24.4100W 740 Addition
ANM DEN CO ALAMOSA GREEN ACRES CO83 14011.6*A PR PR 37-29-04.0000N 105-44-47.0000W 7528 Addition
ANM DEN CO COLORADO SPRINGS CHEYENNE MTN AFS CQJ 02545.01*H MA PR 38-44-18.6900N 104-50-06.4900W 6609 Addition
ANM DEN CO ELBERT LZ ELBERT CO77 02592.31*H PR PR 39-10-51.4800N 104-29-43.7400W 7084 Addition
ANM DEN CO RANGLEY KENNEY RESERVOIR 13R 02710.31*C PR PU 40-06-55.1500N 108-42-29.2300W 5329 Addition
ANM DEN UT KNOLLS KNOLLS SCENE LANDING LOCATION UT57 25175.885*H PR PR 40-43-30.2700N 113-15-31.4900W 4253 Addition
ANM DEN WY CHEYENNE RADIO RANCH WY46 27760.0*A PR PR 41-04-22.0000N 104-49-32.3500W 6115 Addition
ANM NONE UT DRAPER PLURALSIGHT HQ 42UT 25122.77*H PR PR 40-29-11.6000N 111-53-22.9000W 4738 Addition
ANM SEA OR ENTERPRISE REDS WALLOWA HORSE RANCH 68D 19430.14*A PU PU 45-20-40.4150N 117-37-35.3400W 3613 Addition
ASO ATL GA RUTLEDGE RABIT HOLE III GE15 03982.61*H PR PR 33-36-44.3772N 083-39-01.7928W 760 Addition
ASO NONE FL LITHIA STANCHESTER 27FA 03252.*A PR PR 27-48-22.3182N 082-08-28.9140W 96 Addition
ASO NONE FL ORMOND BEACH SQUILLACOTE 2FA1 03411.12*A PR PR 29-15-04.5500N 081-12-01.9250W 40 Addition
ASO NONE NC CONCORD WB 8NC5 16644.21*H PR PR 35-24-24.0000N 080-30-54.0000W 690 Addition
ASW AOK OK ELGIN ECHO MOUNTAIN AIRFIELD OL29 18945.01*A PR PR 34-45-45.2000N 098-26-48.6000W 1312 Addition
ASW NONE OK TISHOMINGO SPRING CREEK RANCH EAST 01OL 19275.21*A PR PR 34-22-21.2512N 096-42-57.7339W 1060 Addition
ASW NONE TX BURNET ASCENSION SETON HIGHLAND LAKES HOSPITAL 38TA 23522.39*H PR PR 30-43-57.2695N 098-14-10.4680W 1261 Addition
ASW NONE TX ROUND ROCK ASCENSION SETON WILLIAMSON HOSPITAL 63TA 24501.61*H PR PR 30-33-58.1570N 097-39-07.6705W 825 Addition
ASW TEX TX DALLAS CRESPI HELISTOP TX98 23710.35*H PR PR 32-52-56.3900N 096-48-42.1600W 566 Addition
ASW TEX TX LIVE OAK NORTHEAST METHODIST HOSPITAL 45TE 24225.15*H PR PR 29-33-08.6400N 098-20-50.4400W 880 Addition
AGL DMA MN DULUTH NORTH COUNTRY 9M0 10653.6*C PR PU 47-00-53.7700N 092-10-05.6700W 1370 Deletion
ANM SEA OR ENTERPRISE REDS WALLOWA HORSE RANCH 6OR9 19430.14*A PR PR 45-20-29.5110N 117-37-33.7290W 3600 Deletion
ASW TEX TX HOUSTON CHARTER BANK BUILDING 27TX 24067.46*H PR PR 29-44-30.8250N 095-29-04.7890W 60 Deletion

Data Source: Facility Aeronautical Data Distribution System (FADDS)
This information is provided as-is by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Airports