NFDC Airports Data Modifications

Effective Date: January 30, 2020

District Office
Facility Name
Location ID
Site Number
ARP Latitude
ARP Longitude
ARP Elevation
AEA DCA MD COBB ISLAND SQUIER LANDING 0MD2 08498.5*A PR PR 38-17-16.4620N 076-52-02.8910W 16 Addition
AEA NONE VA SALEM LEWIS GALE MEDICAL CENTER 39VA 25995.54*H PR PR 37-15-49.1500N 080-01-51.0500W 1074 Addition
AGL CHI IN MONTEREY BLACKMON FIELD IN69 05495.555*A PR PR 41-10-30.6000N 086-32-50.8000W 720 Addition
AGL CHI IN SOUTH BEND GRANGER HOSPITAL IN67 05310.04*H PR PR 41-44-04.8200N 086-09-04.4400W 787 Addition
AGL CHI IN WABASH PARKVIEW WABASH HOSPITAL IN89 05721.01*H PR PR 40-49-11.8600N 085-49-26.8700W 789 Addition
AGL MSP MN NORTH MANKATO MICHELS FARMS MN46 10874.75*A PR PR 44-13-06.9000N 094-08-13.7500W 1000 Addition
AGL NONE MN ANNANDALE IVERSON 58MN 10514.91*C PR PR 45-16-02.4440N 094-03-43.5120W 998 Addition
AGL NONE MN GRAND MARAIS LOON LAKE 83MN 10713.51*C PR PR 48-04-33.0000N 090-42-23.1900W 1765 Addition
AGL NONE MN PRINCETON BISHMAN PRIVATE 90MN 10922.11*A PR PR 45-40-37.2000N 093-32-22.2000W 987 Addition
AGL NONE ND SUTTON STOKKA ND19 17466.515*A PR PR 47-26-01.0000N 098-25-04.0000W 1450 Addition
ANE NONE ME GRAY FROGG ISLAND 5ME2 08006.01*C PR PR 43-52-46.0000N 070-25-27.0000W 290 Addition
ANM DEN CO DENVER COLORADO AIR AND SPACE PORT CFO 02575.1*A PU PU 39-47-03.1000N 104-32-15.5000W 5515 Addition
ASO ATL SC LEXINGTON WHITEPLAINS SC99 22386.*A PR PR 33-57-49.9000N 081-21-29.8500W 520 Addition
ASW NONE TX MOUNTAIN HOME RIATA RANCH TE33 24385.53*A PR PR 30-07-54.5000N 099-17-37.0000W 2008 Addition
AGL CHI IL PERRY MOUNTAIN 2IL4 04938.9*A PR PR 39-46-45.0000N 090-44-55.0000W 590 Deletion
AGL DMA MN LINO LAKES VIEIRA 8MN5 10784.*A PR PR 45-12-29.8780N 093-08-00.8040W 900 Deletion
AGL DMA MN PEQUOT LAKES MYERS FIELD 4MN8 10902.61*A PR PR 46-37-38.8680N 094-20-21.9850W 1300 Deletion
ANM DEN CO DENVER FRONT RANGE FTG 02575.1*A PU PU 39-47-03.1000N 104-32-15.5000W 5515 Deletion
ASO ATL SC LEXINGTON WHITEPLAINS 9SC 22386.*A PR PU 33-57-49.9000N 081-21-29.8500W 520 Deletion

Data Source: Facility Aeronautical Data Distribution System (FADDS)
This information is provided as-is by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Airports