NFDC Airports Data Modifications

Effective Date: January 08, 2015

District Office
Facility Name
Location ID
Site Number
ARP Latitude
ARP Longitude
ARP Elevation
AAL NONE AK KAVIK RIVER KAVIK STRIP RK1 50409.11*A PR PU 69-40-36.3950N 146-54-00.1650 668 Addition
ACE NONE IA ELDORA ELDORA 27P 05971.5*A PR PU 42-19-47.8300N 093-06-51.5300 979 Addition
ACE NONE IA SIDNEY PARADISE MOUNTAIN IA02 06336.16*A PR PR 40-44-52.5000N 095-40-14.5000 1168 Addition
ACE NONE KS PLEASANTON LINN COUNTY 1KS 06851.14*A PU PU 38-10-24.3600N 094-41-25.1700 860 Addition
ACE NONE KS SALINA TAMARACK LANDING 17KS 06878.21*A PR PR 38-50-43.8100N 097-30-17.5700 1215 Addition
ACE NONE MO COLUMBIA COLUMBIA REGIONAL HOSPITAL MO88 11651.03*H PR PR 38-57-26.6400N 092-17-21.5300 753 Addition
ACE NONE MO KEYTESVILLE EISBERG FARMS MO36 11828.6*A PR PR 39-24-34.6500N 092-53-39.4500 660 Addition
ACE NONE MO SUNRISE BEACH LOMO 4 MO42 12151.12*H PR PR 38-10-21.9100N 092-38-33.1600 660 Addition
ACE NONE MO WEST PLAINS AIREVAC ELEVATED MO10 12223.01*H PR PR 36-52-20.0000N 091-54-21.0000 1256 Addition
AEA HAR PA FREEPORT MCVILLE 6P7 20425.13*A PR PU 40-44-04.4300N 079-35-44.3300 1105 Addition
AEA NONE NY AMSTERDAM IWAN AIRFIELD 7NY8 01480.9*A PR PR 42-57-49.0000N 074-07-31.0000 760 Addition
AEA NONE NY WEST POINT UNITED STATES MILITARY ACADEMY NY85 16422.21*H PR PR 41-23-51.0600N 073-57-23.0400 8 Addition
AEA NONE WV SUTTON COON KNOB WV24 26908.3*H PR PR 38-37-06.0000N 080-45-28.0000 1393 Addition
AEA NYC NY CAMILLUS CAMILLUS NY25 14972.*A PR PR 43-05-07.0000N 076-17-33.8000 405 Addition
AEA NYC NY CORNING GUTHRIE CORNING HOSPITAL 8NY4 15100.7*H PR PR 42-08-05.0000N 076-58-14.0000 901 Addition
AGL CHI IL HOPEDALE HOPEDALE MEDICAL COMPLEX IL06 04756.8*H PR PR 40-25-03.0000N 089-24-58.0000 643 Addition
AGL CHI IN DEMOTTE RIVER VIEW FIELD 72IN 05232.33*A PR PR 41-10-42.4600N 087-19-04.8000 640 Addition
AGL DET OH CECIL STRABLE LANDING STRIP OH99 17697.19*A PR PR 41-12-16.2600N 084-29-46.1700 705 Addition
AGL DET OH JAMESTOWN MIAMI VALLEY JAMESTOWN EMERGENCY CENTER OH10 18048.13*H PR PR 39-39-20.0500N 083-45-02.8000 1058 Addition
AGL DMA MN CHASKA LAKE PIERSON MN04 10617.13*C PR PR 44-50-04.5400N 093-42-00.6800 966 Addition
AGL DMA MN ELKO SMITH FIELD MN15 10666.24*A PR PR 44-37-24.0200N 093-24-07.3900 958 Addition
AGL DMA WI MOSINEE MAGUIRE FIELD WI53 27406.13*A PR PR 44-47-30.3000N 089-53-19.3400 1274 Addition
AGL MSP MN EAST GULL LAKE STEAM BOAT BAY SEAPLANE BASE M16 10658.84*C PR PU 46-23-52.3000N 094-22-15.6000 1197 Addition
ANM HLN MT HARDIN BIG HORN COUNTY 00U 12385.2*A PU PU 45-44-39.9000N 107-39-37.7000 3025 Addition
ANM NONE WA MEAD GREENBLUFF MEADOWS 67WA 26293.7*A PR PR 47-49-35.4000N 117-16-00.8100 2346 Addition
ASO ATL SC HONEA PATH ASHLEY FIELD SC01 22330.*A PR PR 34-26-47.0000N 082-21-52.0000 777 Addition
ASO MEM NC SILER CITY SILER CITY MUNI SCR 17094.1*A PU PU 35-42-15.3882N 079-30-15.4713 615 Addition
ASO MEM NC SUNBURY SUNBURY FIRE DEP 40NC 17144.19*H PR PR 36-26-16.0000N 076-36-29.0000 27 Addition
ASO NONE FL SAN MATEO BNCFL 34FL 03481.19*A PR PR 29-34-51.0850N 081-35-30.0740 12 Addition
ASO NONE TN NASHVILLE TRISTAR SKYLINE MEDICAL CENTER 30TN 23122.21*H PR PR 36-14-46.4995N 086-44-59.9757 720 Addition
ASW LNM NM GAVILAN MURROW FIELD ON THE DIVIDE NM99 14611.13*A PR PR 36-25-37.6700N 107-00-02.9700 7550 Addition
ASW NONE TX EL PASO TECMA TS53 23826.19*H PR PR 31-46-29.5000N 106-28-14.4500 3725 Addition
ASW TEX TX LLANO HOPF FIELD TS46 24227.8*A PR PR 30-44-14.5500N 098-42-13.2200 1110 Addition
ASW TEX TX WIMBERLY 4 S RANCH TS25 25045.03*A PR PR 29-57-33.6000N 098-11-08.9000 944 Addition
AWP LAX CA ESCONDIDO PALOMAR MEDICAL CENTER 6CA7 01552.14*H PR PR 33-07-20.3000N 117-07-19.0000 1109 Addition
AWP SFO CA SAN FRANCISCO UCSF MEDICAL CENTER AT MISSION BAY 18CN 02187.51*H PR PR 37-45-56.0000N 122-23-26.0000 156 Addition
AAL NONE AK CLEARWATER CLEARWATER Z86 50110.*A PU PU 63-01-36.3890N 147-10-43.1050 2900 Deletion
AAL NONE AK SKAGWAY SKAGWAY 7K2 50704.1*C PU PU 59-26-48.8230N 135-19-21.5880 0 Deletion
ACE NONE KS GARDNER HERMON FARM SN59 06623.01*A PR PR 38-51-10.0240N 094-54-35.8710 1060 Deletion
AEA HAR PA COWANSVILLE SNYDER RANCH 95PA 20161.1*H PR PR 40-53-41.2300N 079-35-24.1670 1430 Deletion
AEA HAR PA EAST BERLIN BEN'S LANDING PA89 20278.01*U PR PR 39-57-32.3440N 077-02-58.9260 550 Deletion
AEA HAR PA YORK SPRINGS MARKET GARDEN 2PN3 21836.01*A PR PR 39-57-40.0000N 077-06-01.0000 600 Deletion
AEA NYC NY CAMILLUS CAMILLUS NY2 14972.*A PR PU 43-05-07.0000N 076-17-33.8000 405 Deletion
AGL CHI IL CAPRON MARY'S LANDING 88IL 04467.3*A PR PR 42-24-47.0000N 088-44-00.0000 910 Deletion
AGL CHI IL MEREDOSIA KLOKER IS69 04861.8*A PR PR 39-55-08.1710N 090-30-39.4530 440 Deletion
AGL CHI IN WARSAW GARBER FIELD 51II 05738.06*A PR PR 41-18-25.2000N 085-46-40.7000 845 Deletion
AGL DMA ND DAVENPORT SCHROEDER ND92 17294.1*A PR PR 46-42-29.8910N 097-07-01.3230 920 Deletion
ANM DEN CO GATEWAY HUBBARD 9CO3 02616.*A PR PR 38-40-59.9440N 108-59-02.3910 4670 Deletion
ANM HLN MT HARDIN FAIRGROUNDS AIRPARK F02 12385.*A PU PU 45-43-29.9190N 107-36-02.3110 2911 Deletion
ASO MEM NC SILER CITY SILER CITY MUNI 5W8 17094.1*A PU PU 35-42-15.3882N 079-30-15.4713 615 Deletion
ASW AOK OK GOLDSBY WYATT 1OK2 18978.31*A PR PR 35-05-55.2470N 097-28-11.1140 1163 Deletion
AWP LAX CA CANOGA PARK BOEING DE SOTO CN32 01374.2*H PR PR 34-14-05.0130N 118-35-07.3120 875 Deletion
AWP LAX CA CHULA VISTA SHARP CHULA VISTA MEDICAL CENTER CL09 01401.11*H PR PR 32-37-10.1980N 117-01-23.0920 446 Deletion
AWP LAX CA LOS ANGELES BOEING CANOGA PARK 7CL3 01818.4*H PR PR 34-11-18.0170N 118-36-03.3110 800 Deletion
AWP LAX CA SANTA ANA ALBALISA DINNER PLAYHOUSE INC CA94 02228.4*H PR PR 33-46-01.0590N 117-55-03.2090 33 Deletion
AWP LAX CA SOUTH PASADENA CALIFORNIA TITLE BUILDING 1CA5 02304.*H PR PR 34-07-26.0290N 118-09-02.2550 808 Deletion
AWP SFO CA TULARE TULARE MOTOR SPORTS #1 08CN 02370.12*H PR PR 36-10-19.3100N 119-18-22.2500 270 Deletion
AWP SFO CA TULARE TULARE MOTOR SPORTS #2 09CN 02370.13*H PR PR 36-10-57.2000N 119-18-48.8600 272 Deletion
AEA HAR PA MECHANICSBURG PHICO 70PA 20896.12*H PR PR 40-14-44.3190N 077-01-36.9160 420 Deletion

Data Source: Facility Aeronautical Data Distribution System (FADDS)
This information is provided as-is by the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Airports (