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Iowa Public-Use Airports

Central Region

Users may access additional airport information with the 5010 link for the associated airport. Airport categories are based on calendar year 2015 passenger enplanement data.

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MH = Medium Hub
SH = Small Hub

Commercial Service Airports: Primary Airports
Location Name Id 5010 Data
CEDAR RAPIDS The Eastern Iowa Airport (SH) CID 5010
DES MOINES Des Moines International Airport (SH) DSM 5010
DUBUQUE Dubuque Regional Airport DBQ 5010
SIOUX CITY Sioux City Gateway- Col. Bud Day Field SUX 5010
WATERLOO Waterloo Regional ALO 5010

Commercial Service Airports : Non-Primary Airports
Location Name Id 5010 Data
BURLINGTON Southeast Iowa Regional Airport BRL 5010

Location Name Id 5010 Data
ANKENY Ankeny Regional Airport IKV 5010

General Aviation
Location Name Id 5010 Data
ACKLEY Ackley Municipal 4C7 5010
ALBIA Albia Municipal 4C8 5010
ALGONA Algona Municipal AXA 5010
ALLISON Allison Municipal K98 5010
AMANA Amana C11 5010
AMES Ames Municipal AMW 5010
ANITA Anita Municipal-Kevin Burke Memorial Field Y43 5010
ATLANTIC Atlantic Municipal AIO 5010
AUDUBON Audubon County ADU 5010
BEDFORD Bedford Municipal Y46 5010
BELLE PLAINE Belle Plaine Municipal
TZT 5010
BELMOND Belmond Municipal Y48 5010
BLOOMFIELD Bloomfield Municipal 4K6 5010
BOONE Boone Municipal BNW 5010
CARROLL Arthur N Neu
CIN 5010
CENTERVILLE Centerville Municipal
TVK 5010
CHARITON Chariton Municipal CNC 5010
CHARLES CITY Northeast Iowa Regional CCY 5010
CHEROKEE Cherokee County Regional CKP 5010
CLARINDA Schenck Field ICL 5010
CLARION Clarion Municipal CAV 5010
CLINTON Clinton Municipal CWI 5010
CORNING Corning Municipal CRZ 5010
CORYDON Corydon 0E9 5010
COUNCIL BLUFFS Council Bluffs Municipal CBF 5010
CRESCO Ellen Church field CJJ 5010
CRESTON Creston Municipal CSQ 5010
DAVENPORT Davenport Municipal DVN 5010
DECORAH Decorah Municipal DEH 5010
DENISON Denison Municipal DNS 5010
DES MOINES Morningstar Field Y76 5010
DYERSVILLE Dyersville Area IA8 5010
EAGLE GROVE Eagle Grove Municipal
EAG 5010
ELKADER Elkader I27 5010
EMMETSBURG Emmetsburg Municipal EGQ 5010
ESTHERVILLE Estherville Municipal EST 5010
FAIRFIELD Fairfield Municipal FFL 5010
FOREST CITY Forest City Municipal FXY 5010
FORT DODGE Fort Dodge Regional Airport FOD 5010
FORT MADISON Fort Madison Municipal FSW 5010
GREENFIELD Greenfield Municipal GFZ 5010
GRINNELL Grinnell Regional GGI 5010
Grundy Center Municipal 6K7 5010
GUTHRIE CENTER Guthrie County Regional GCT 5010
HAMPTON Hampton Municipal HPT 5010
HARLAN Harlan Municipal HNR 5010
HAWARDEN Hawarden Municipal 2Y2 5010
HUMBOLDT Humboldt Municipal 0K7 5010
IDA GROVE Ida Grove Municipal IDG 5010
INDEPENDENCE Independence Municipal IIB 5010
IOWA CITY Iowa City Municipal IOW 5010
IOWA FALLS Iowa Falls Municipal IFA 5010
JEFFERSON Jefferson Municipal EFW 5010
KEOKUK Keokuk Municipal EOK 5010
KEOSAUQUA Keosauqua Municipal 6K9 5010
KNOXVILLE Knoxville Municipal OXV 5010
LAKE MILLS Lake mills Municipal 0Y6 5010
LAMONI Lamoni Municipal LWD 5010
LARCHWOOD Zangger Vintage Airpark 2VA 5010
LE MARS Le Mars Municipal LRJ 5010
MANCHESTER Manchester Municipal C27 5010
MAPLETON James G. Whiting Memorial Field MEY 5010
MAQUOKETA Maquoketa Municipal OQW 5010
MARION Marion C17 5010
MARSHALLTOWN Marshalltown Municipal MIW 5010
MASON CITY Mason City Municipal Airport MCW 5010
MILFORD Fuller 4D8 5010
MONONA Monona Municipal 7C3 5010
MONTEZUMA Sig Field 7C5 5010
MONTICELLO Monticello Regional MXO 5010
MOUNT AYR Judge Lewis Field Mt. Ayr Municipal 1Y3 5010
MOUNT PLEASANT Mount Pleasant Municipal MPZ 5010
MUSCATINE Muscatine Municipal MUT 5010
NEW HAMPTON New Hampton Municipal 1Y5 5010
NEWTON Newton Municipal TNU 5010
NORTHWOOD Northwood Municipal 5D2 5010
OELWEIN Oelwein Municipal OLZ
ONAWA Onawa Municipal K36
Orange City Municipal ORC
Osage Municipal D02
Osceola Municipal
Oskaloosa Municipal OOA
OTTUMWA Ottumwa Regional OTM 5010
PAULLINA Paullina Municipal 1Y9 5010
PELLA Pella Municipal PEA 5010
PERRY Perry Municipal PRO 5010
POCAHONTAS Pocahontas Municipal POH 5010
POSTVILLE Dale Delight Y16 5010
2Y0 5010
RADCLIFFE Drake 2Y1 5010
RED OAK Red Oak Municipal RDK 5010
ROCK RAPIDS Rock Rapids Municipal RRQ 5010
ROCKWELL CITY Rockwell City Municipal 2Y4 5010
SAC CITY Sac City Municipal SKI 5010
SHELDON Sheldon Municipal SHL 5010
SHENANDOAH Shenandoah Municipal SDA 5010
SIBLEY Sibley Municipal ISB 5010
SIOUX CENTER Sioux Center Municipal SOY 5010
SPENCER Spencer Municipal SPW 5010
SPIRIT LAKE Spirit Lake Municipal 0F3 5010
STORM LAKE Storm Lake Municipal SLB 5010
SULLY Sully Municipal 8C2 5010
TIPTON Mathews Memorial 8C4 5010
TOLEDO Toledo Municipal
8C5 5010
TRAER Traer Municipal 8C6 5010
VINTON Vinton Veterans Memorial Airpark VTI 5010
WASHINGTON Washington Municipal AWG 5010
WAUKON Waukon Municipal Y01 5010
WAVERLY Waverly Municipal C25 5010
WEBSTER CITY Webster City Municipal EBS 5010
WEST UNION George L. Scott Municipal 3Y2 5010
WINTERSET Winterset Municipal Airport 3Y3 5010
WOODBINE Woodbine Municipal 3Y4 5010

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