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Planning & Capacity

Central Region

On this Page …

Links to information on airport design and airport planning, Airport Improvement Program (AIP) guidance, airport funding, airport documents and forms, and other Central Region Airports Division Planning and Airport Capacity information.

Contact Central Region Planner

General Information


  • Agricultural Activities — Refer to Section 2-6 of AC 150/5200-33 "Hazardous Wildlife Attractants on or near Airports"
  • AIP Sponsor Guide — Central Region Supplemental Guidance
    • 0500 — Planning (PDF, 216 KB)
      • 510 — NPIAS
      • 515 — Master Plan
      • 520 — Airport Layout Plans (ALP)
      • 530 — Environmental Review
      • 540 — Airport Site Investigations
      • 550 — Runway Protection Zones
      • 560 — Airport Property Interests
      • 570 — Apron Design
      • 580 — Planning Resources
  • Airport Design — Advisory Circular 150/5300-13.
  • Airport System Planning Process — Advisory Circular 150/5070-7 provides FAA guidance for the preparation of airport system plans.
  • Master Planning Guide — Advisory Circular 150/5070-6 provides FAA guidance for the preparation of airport master plans.


Advisory Circulars

Data, Forecasts and Statistics

Tools and Aids

  • ALP Review Checklist (PDF)- Appendix A of SOP No. 2 contains a checklist the FAA uses when assessing adequacy of a new or revised ALP
  • Design Standards Quick Reference — Access links to engineering, design, and construction standards for various airport-related equipment, facilities, and structures


FAA Applications:

  • GA Apron Design Spreadsheet — Contact your FAA Planner (PDF) for information on a spreadsheet that will assist Sponsors in the sizing their aprons per AC 150/5300-13.
  • Snow Removal Equipment Spreadsheet — Contact your FAA Planner (PDF) for information on a spreadsheet to assist Sponsors in the sizing their SRE equipment per Advisory Circular AC 150/5220-20

NOAA Applications:

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