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Eastern Region - Engineering, Design & Construction

Program Area Resources

Modification of Standards

In order to clarify and expedite review of Modification of Standards, we developed a regional policy that clearly explain the criteria when modifications of standards are needed, and the divisional review process. To develop the policy we consulted with Headquarters, other regions and the Airport Consultant Council.

The Regional Policy includes the form needed to apply for approval of modification of standards and the instructions on how to fill out the form. Although the Policy is for internal use, the policy is placed in the Eastern Region Home Page, so that sponsor and consultant can understand the modification of standards process and submit their request with all necessary documentation.

Obstruction Evaluation & Airport Airspace Analysis (OE/AAA) Program

The Airports division shares FAA's responsibility for reviewing any changes to the nation's airports, heliports and seaplane bases, as well as construction near these landing areas. The purpose is to protect the safety and efficiency of the airspace system. This work involves analyzing the proposed changes or construction (See FAA Forms 7460 & 7480) for its effect on aircraft operations, advising the proponents of our findings and changing the national databases to reflect any changed conditions.

National Policy and Resources

The FAA develops engineering, design, and construction standards for civil airports, heliports, and seaplane bases. This includes standards for airfield pavement; airport lighting, marking, signs, and other visual aids; safety during construction; surveying and GIS data; deicing, ARFF, and other facilities; bird radar and foreign object detection systems; and more.

Federal Register Notices

Engineering, Design, & Construction
Subject/Title Date
Proposal To Consider the Impact of One Engine Inoperative Procedures in Obstruction Evaluation Aeronautical Studies: Notice of Public Meeting, Extension of Comment Period (79 FR 33145) (PDF) 6/10/2014
Proposal to Consider the Impact of One Engine Inoperative Procedures in Part 77 Hazard Determinations (77 FR 23300) (PDF) 4/28/2014
Draft Parachute Landing Area Standards (77 FR 39446) (PDF) 7/3/2012
Use of Non-Original Equipment Manufacturers' Components in Certified Aviation Obstruction/Antenna Structure Lighting Systems (69 FR 65493) (PDF) 11/12/2004
More Federal Register Notices

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