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AIP and PFC Funding Summary for Noise Compatibility Projects

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This page summarizes the total amount of Airport Improvement Program and Passenger Facility Charge funding used for Part 150 studies and implementation since the start of the Airport Noise Compatibility Planning program in 1982.

  • Total airports participating in the AIP: 275
  • Airports with AIP grants for Part 150 studies: 256
  • Approved Noise Compatibility Programs (first-time): 245
  • Revised / Amended Noise Compatibility Programs: 136
AIP and PFC Funding Summary through FY 2013
Action Total AIP 1 Total PFC 2
Preparing Part 150 Studies $107,481,763 $12,499,788
Part 150 Implementation $5,913,081,104 $3,417,815,896

1 Only AIP planning figures are used for the state-by-state listings. Note that multiple Noise Exposure Maps (NEMs) and Noise Compatibility Programs (NCPs) can mean that multiple grants have been awarded. These separate grant amounts are totalled into a single sum at the beginning of the new fiscal year reporting.

2 Impose or Use. PFC planning figures not reflected in detailed state-by-state listings.

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