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Pre-1996 decisions listed on this page are not available online. Contact us to obtain a PDF copy of any pre-1996 decision listed below.

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Airport Name, Location Identifier, City Noise Exposure Map (NEM) Noise Compatibility Program (NCP)
Blue Grass Field (LEX), Lexington NEM in compliance 11-13-89 NCP approved 5-10-90
  Rev NCP approved 2-18-97 (PDF)
Greater Cincinnati International Airport (CVG), Covington NEM in compliance 1-8-91 NCP approved 8-6-91
Rev NEM in compliance 4-28-93 Rev NCP approved 10-25-93
Rev NEM in compliance 6-8-00 Rev NCP approved 12-5-00 (PDF)
Rev NEM in compliance 10-9-07 Rev NCP approved 4-4-08 (PDF, 2.61 MB)
Standiford Field (SDF), Louisville NEM in compliance 10-13-93 NCP approved 4-8-94
  Supple. NCP approved 11-13-95
Rev NEM in compliance 11-18-03 Rev NCP approved 5-14-04 (PDF)
Rev NEM in compliance 4-7-11 Rev NCP approved 8-4-09 (PDF)

* Indicates most recent update.