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Some Regional Airport Offices have prepared variations of these forms and instructions for use by airports in their regions. Before completing a form, please check with the appropriate Airport Regional or District Office to determine which form you should use.

Subject/Title Number Other Formats Notes
There are no environmental forms at this time.
Land Acquisition / Relocation Assistance
Subject/Title Number Other Formats Notes
Federal Aid Compliance Review (MS Word) NA   Spot Check
Acquisition/Relocation Records Checklist (MS Word) NA   Checklist Acquisition
Sponsor Pre-Reimbursement Federal-aid Compliance Review (MS Word) NA   Quality Control Review
Decent, Safe and Sanitary Certification (MS Word) NA    
Replacement Housing Payment (RHP) Determination - 90-day Occupant (MS Word) NA   RHP - 90 Day
Replacement Housing Payment (RHP) Determination - 180 Day Owner-Occupant (MS Word) NA   RHP - 180 Day
Certificate of Appraiser 5100-111   7/2017
Real Estate Appraisal - Short Form 5100-112   7/2017
Instructions and Attachment for Summary Appraisal Reports (URAR) 5100-112 (URAR)   7/2017
Value Finding for Low Value Acquisition 5100-113   7/2017
Real Estate Appraiser Training and Experience Resume 5100-114   7/2017
Appraisal Contract Proposal (PDF) 5100-115    
Real Estate Appraisal Contract 5100-116   7/2017
Claim for Reimbursement of Expenses (PDF) 5100-119    
Acquisition Procedures and Payment Summary (PDF) 5100-120    
Appraisal Review Contract (PDF) 5100-121    
Agreement for Acquisition & Relocation Services (PDF) 5100-122    
Mortgage Interest Differential (MID) Payment Eligibility Computation (MS Word) 5100-123    
MID Computation - Fixed Morgage (MS Excel) NA    
MID Computation - ARM (MS Excel) NA    
Claim for Relocation Payments - Non-residential (MS Word) 5100-124   Claim Certificate for 5100-124
A. Payment of Moving costs - Non-residential (MS Word) 5100-124   Updated Schedule A for 5100-124 (8/2005)
B. Direct Loss of or Purchase of Subsitute Personal Property (MS Word) 5100-124   Updated Schedule B for 5100-12 (11/2005) 4
C. Search Expenses (MS Word) 5100-124   Updated Schedule C for 5100-124 (2/2005)
D. Reestablishment Expenses (MS Word) 5100-124   Updated Schedule D for 5100-124 (11/2005)
E. Related Non-residential Expenses (MS Word) 5100-124   New Schedule E for 5100-124 (3/2005)
Claim for Relocation Payments - Residential (MS Word) 5100-125   Claim Certificate for 5100-125
A. Payment of Moving Costs - Residential (MS Word) 5100-125   Schedule A for 5100-125
B. Claim for Homeowners Replacement Housing Payments (MS Word) 5100-125   Schedule B for 5100-125
C. Claim of Rental Replacement Housing Payments (MS Word) 5100-125   Updated Schedule C for 5100-125 (2/2005)
D. Down Payment and Incidental Expenses (MS Word) 5100-125   Updated Schedule D for 5100-125 (2/2005)

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