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Airports Orders

Airport Compliance/Obligations
Subject/Title Number Date
FAA Airport Compliance Manual, Order 5190.6B (Complete Document) (PDF, 22.3 MB)

Provides guidance to FAA personnel on interpreting and administering the continuing commitments airport sponsors make to the U.S. Government when they accept grants of federal funds or federal property for airport purposes. The handbook (i) analyzes the various federal obligations in legislatively mandated airport sponsor assurances, (ii) addresses the nature of the assurances and the application of the assurances in the operation of public use airports, and (iii) facilitates interpretation of the assurances by FAA personnel.

FAA Airport Compliance Manual, Order 5190.6B (Access by Chapter)

Provides access to detailed table of contents and individual chapters.

5190.6B 9/30/2009
Airport Improvement Program (AIP)
Subject/Title Number Date
FAA Order 5100.38D - includes Change 1 5100.38D 9/30/2014
Airport Safety
Subject/Title Number Date
Order 5010.4A, Airport Data and Information Management (PDF, 203 KB) 5010.4A 11/30/2015
Order 5200.8, Runway Safety Area Program (PDF, 253 KB) 5200.8 10/1/1999
Order 5200.10, Procedures for Conducting Investigations of Vehicle/Pedestrian Deviations (PDF, 128 KB) 5200.10 4/28/2004
Order 5200.11 FAA Airports (ARP) Safety Management System (SMS) (includes Changes 1, 2, and 3) (PDF, 4.6 MB)

Provides the basis for implementing SMS within the FAA's Office of Airports (ARP). Describes the roles and responsibilities of ARP management and staff as well as other lines of business that will contribute to the ARP SMS.

5200.11 8/30/2010
FAA Order 5280.5D (PDF, 2.1 MB) 5280.5D 11/7/2016
Airport Safety Data
Subject/Title Number Date
Order 5010.4A, Airport Data and Information Management (PDF, 203 KB) 5010.4A 11/30/2015
Design, Engineering, & Construction
Subject/Title Number Date
Order 5000.3D, Coordination With the Federal Highway Administration (PDF, 99 KB)

Establishes policies and procedures for coordination of airport and highway development between the FAA and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to ensure that airport/highway clearances are adequate for the safe movement of air and highway traffic and the expenditure of public funds for airport and highway improvement is in the public interest. This Order cancels Order 5000.3C, dated March 14, 1997.

5000.3D 9/29/2007
Order 5200.9, Financial Feasibility and Equivalency of Runway Safety Area Improvements and Engineered Material Arresting Systems (PDF, 1.1 MB) 5200.9 3/15/2004
FAA Order 5300.1G (PDF, 346 KB) 5300.1G 9/29/2017
Order 5300.7, Standard Naming Convention for Aircraft Landing Gear Configurations (PDF, 556 KB) 5300.7 10/6/2005
Subject/Title Number Date
Order 5050.4B, National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Implementing Instructions for Airport Projects

Supplements Order 1050.1E, Environmental Impacts: Policies and Procedures, and provides information to FAA Airports (ARP) personnel and others interested in fulfilling National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requirements for airport actions under FAA’s authority. This Order is part of FAA's effort to ensure its personnel have clear instructions to address potential environmental effects resulting from major airport actions.

5050.4B 4/28/2006
Land Acquisition and Relocation Assistance for Airport Projects (PDF, 436 KB)

(Updated 3/14/2008 - Note 3 revised to provide link to most current schedule for Public Housing and Section 8 Program Income Limits.)

5100.37B 8/1/2005
Passenger Facility Charge (PFC)
Subject/Title Number Date
Passenger Facility Charge (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Note: The FAA has rescinded Draft Order 5500.1B, Passenger Facility Charge, and withdrawn its request for public comment. All comments received prior to November 4, 2016, will be placed in public Docket FAA 2016-9346 and retained for future consideration.

5500.1 8/9/2001

Other FAA Orders

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