Runway Safety - Best Practices for Controllers

Best Practices for AIRFIELD SAFETY - Controllers

  1. Set aircraft up for an easy entry into the pattern.
  2. Use your team. Watch out for each other.
  3. Always leave yourself a way out. What’s plan B?
  4. Be aware of aircraft’s speed.
  5. If you see it, say it. Don’t be afraid to speak up.
  6. Debrief after each push - good or bad.
  7. Be engaged and close the loop.
  8. Be proactive with weather.
  9. Constantly SCAN.
  10. Keep runway crossings to minimum.
  11. Know the aircraft’s characteristics.
  12. Always use standard phraseology.
  13. Stick to your routine.
  14. Actively listen.
  15. Communicate the vision; share the “big picture.”
  16. Be aware of the other position before coordinating. Don’t be a distraction.

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