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Runway Safety



  • Instructors
  • Materials
  • Human Factors Air Traffic Control Training
    • The Office of Safety has developed a one day training course to foster a culture of teamwork in both the terminal and en route environments. Designed to help the controller detect, and correct controller and pilot mistakes before they result in operational errors or collisions.
  • Quarterly Refresher Training for Tower Controllers
    • To ensure air traffic controllers maintain a high level of runway incursion prevention awareness, the FAA has mandated that runway incursion prevention be included in the quarterly refresher training at every control tower.
  • Computer-Based Instruction (CBI) Courses
    • 57006 - ATC Communications: A series of exercises that allow the air traffic controller to practice listening, memory, read-back, phraseology, and error recognition skills. (1 hr). 
    • 57025 - Position and Hold: A refresher covering the procedures and phraseology used to issue a position and hold clearance. The primary audience is air traffic control specialists in the terminal option. (1 hr.)
    • 57030 - Wake Turbulence: Addresses the procedures to be followed to keep aircraft clear of the turbulent wake of other aircraft. Topics include causes, behavior, and consequences of wake turbulence; the separation rules and control procedures for arriving aircraft; and departing aircraft. (1 hr.)
    • 57035 - Air Traffic Memory Guide: A continuing course to reduce runway incursions; providing ways for controllers to manage memory resources and improve performance. It provides an understanding of the limitations of human memory and suggests ways to supplement and help sustain memory capabilities. Also discussed are ways to deal with distractions in the dynamic tower cab environment, and the use of memory aids is encouraged to supplement working memory. (1 hr.)
    • 57061 - Preventing Runway Incursions: Designed to emphasize ATC strategies for preventing runway incursions; with interactive instruction and exercises, controllers learn about maintaining tower situational awareness, communications, resources, and error chains. (4 hrs.)
    • 57062 - Situational Awareness – Tower: One lesson outlining the critical elements of a visual and auditory scan of the controller's control area. It will describe how an effective scan can help identify potential static and dynamic "hot spots" in airport operations. The lesson will also demonstrate controller methods for appropriately prioxritizing actions based on the information obtained in an effective scan. (1 hr.)
    • Mike Monroney Aeronautical Training Center

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