The links below are to active CertAlert Bulletins that are produced by the Airports Division, Southern Region. The list does not include any bulletins that have been withdrawn or are expired, obsolete, or superseded. These Southern Region bulletins are in addition to the CertAlerts produced by the FAA Headquarters.

Active Southern Region CertAlert Bulletins
Number Title
SO-15-01 Reporting Airfield Condition and Airport Contact Information (PDF)
SO-15-02 Due Dates for Airport Markings (PDF)
SO-14-01 Fuel Fire Safety Training Documentation (PDF)
SO-12-02 Airport Contingency Planning (PDF)
SO-12-03 Documenting the Review of your Wildlife Hazard Management Plan (WHMP) (PDF)
SO-12-04 Practices and Reminders for Painting Surface Painted Holding Position Signs (SPHPS) (PDF)
SO-10-01 Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) DVD - Introduction to ARFF (PDF)
SO-10-04 Clarification of Training Frequency (PDF)
SO-09-01 Update to Airport Winter Safety and Operations AC (PDF)
SO-09-04 Spring Means Construction, Air Shows (PDF)
SO-08-01 FAA Adopts ICAO Definition for Runway Incursions (PDF)
SO-06-08 Beware of Contractors! (PDF)
SO-04-04 Passengers and Crew on Cargo Aircraft (PDF)
SO-04-09 Airfield Self-Inspections (PDF)
SO-03-03 Pushback procedures (PDF)
SO-03-04 Land and Hold Short Operations (LAHSO) (PDF)
SO-02-03 Runway Incursion: A Construction Lesson Learned, the Hard Way (PDF)
SO-02-04 VASI/PAPI Maintenance (PDF)