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FAA Aerospace Forecasts FY 2002–2013

The forecast for fiscal years 2002-2013 includes airport activity reports for FAA and contract traffic control towers, air route traffic control centers, and flight service stations. The forecast is for major users of the National Aviation System including large air carriers, air taxi/commuters, general aviation, and military. Forecasts meet the budget and planning needs of FAA and provide information for use by State and local authorities, the aviation industry, and the public.

The forecast includes three major areas:

  • U.S. and world economic environment
  • Historical data and forecasts of future aviation demand and aircraft activity
  • Workload measures

You can request a copy of the forecast (276 pages) by contacting the Office of Aviation Policy and Plans at (202) 267-3355.

Executive Summary (MS Word)

2000 General Aviation and Air Taxi and Avionics Survey

Economic Forecasts

Air Carrier Forecasts

Regionals/Commuters Forecasts

General Aviation Forecasts

FAA Workload Forecasts

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