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Launch Details

XM-2 - Zenit-3SL

Sea Launch Mission - - Pacific Ocean - - The Sea Launch Limited Partnership successfully launched a Zenit-3SL launch vehicle on March 18, 2001, at 5:33 p.m. EST from the Odyssey launch platform located at 154 degrees West on the equator in the Pacific Ocean. This was the sixth launch by Sea Launch, all from the same site in the Pacific Ocean. The launch occurred at the beginning of the launch window. The Zenit-3SL carried the XM Radio satellite to geostationary transfer orbit. The launch of the second XM satellite is anticipated sometime late this spring. XM Satellite Radio will deliver up to 100 simultaneous original radio broadcasts to the continental United States. Later this year, XM Satellite Radio will begin broadcasting with its two high-powered XM satellites. The satellites will deliver clear, contiguous transmission across the United States, supplemented by terrestrial repeaters in crowded urban areas. Consumers will need an XM-compatible radio or an XM adapter to play XM radio.

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