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Launch Details

DIRECTV 1R - Zenit-3SL

Sea Launch launched a Zenit-3SL launch vehicle at 11:28 p.m. EDT on October 9, 1999. The launch took place from the Odyssey launch platform at a launch site at 154 degrees West longitude and carried the DIRECTV 1-R satellite to geosynchronous transfer orbit. The DIRECTV 1-R is a Hughes Electronics Corporation model HS 601HP satellite that will deliver 30 percent more capacity than its predecessor, DBS-1. The new satellite will join the DBS-2 and DBS-3 satellites at the 101 degrees West longitude orbital slot. DIRECTV 1-R will strengthen in-orbit redundancy and provide DIRECTV with more than 20 additional channels of Ku-band capacity above that which DIRECTV uses today on DBS-1.

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