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Launch Details

SCD-2 - Pegasus XL

Orbital Sciences Corporation successfully launched a Standard Pegasus on 23 October 1998 at 00:02 UTC. The Pegasus, dropped from a L-1011 that was stged from Cape Canaveral Air Station, Florida, carried the SCD-2 satellite to low earth orbit. The SCD-2 (Satelite de Coleta de Dados-2)(Data Collection Satellite-2) is the second satellite of the Missao Espacial Completa Brasileira (Brazilian Complete Space Mission). The SCD-2 will continue the collection of environment data now conducted by the SCD-1. The main mission of the SCD satellite series is to transmit environmental data collected on the ground by automatic data collecting platforms. SCD-2 is owned and operated by the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espacial (national Institute for Space Research) of the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology.

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