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Launch Details

GeoEye 1 - Delta II

GeoEye 1 will be the world's most powerful and most accurate high-resolution commercial imaging (Earth observing) satellite. GeoEye 1 is capable of acquiring high-quality 0.41 meter panchromatic imagery, i.e. sensitive to all colors, and 1.65 meter multi-spectral imagery, i.e., sensing and recording radiation from invisible and visible parts of the electromagnetic spectrum. With these capabilities, GeoEye 1 will be able to discern objects on the ground that are as small as 16 inches, e.g., home plate on a baseball diamond. GeoEye 1 will also collect more than 700,000 square kilometers of high-resolution imagery every day, using technology from SGI. GeoEye 1 is owned by GeoEye, a U.S. company formed from ORBIMAGE?s January 2006 purchase of the company, Space Imaging. Located in Dulles, Virginia, GeoEye is the world?s largest commercial satellite imagery company and provides geospatial data and information for national security and commercial purposes.

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