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Launch Details

Trailblazer, Presat, Nanosail-D - Falcon 1

The Trailblazer satellite, manufactured by SpaceDev Inc., of Poway, California is owned and operated by the U.S. Department of Defense Operationally Responsive Space Program Office. Trailblazer, originally developed under a Missile Defense Agency contract, is a Microsat-class satellite which demonstrates a flexible, modular commercial bus design using off-the-shelf components and it will transmit and receive data via RF and collect image data. The Presat satellite is owned and operated by the NASA Ames Research Center and Santa Clara University and is designed to demonstrate the technology of cell growth biological experiments in small free flyer satellites. The NanoSail-D satellite was built to validate the concept and capability of conducting a fast, low-cost low Earth orbital nanosat mission project. NanoSail-D is owned by the NASA Marshall Spaceflight Center and operated by NASA Ames and Santa Clara University. Canister 1 and Canister 2 are nanosat-class payloads which are non-powered canisters of cremated remains (cremains).

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