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Launch Details

INMARSAT-4F2 - Zenit-3SL

The 5,958 kg (13,108 lb.) Inmarsat-4 satellite is a Eurostar 3000 model spacecraft, built by EADS Astrium, with an expected life of more than 13 years. It is one in a series of Inmarsat's fourth generation of satellites designed to support the Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) for delivery of Internet and intranet content and solutions, video-on-demand, videoconferencing, fax, e-mail, phone and LAN access at speeds up to half a megabit per second to easily-used terminals the size of laptops. Inmarsat-4 carries a single global beam that covers up to one-third of the Earth's surface, 19 wide spot beams and 228 narrow spot beams. It has a total end-of-life power of 13kW. This is Sea Launch's first mission for Inmarsat, and its first mission with a European spacecraft.

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