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Safety Approvals

More information about Safety Approvals

Safety Approvals
Safety Approval Company Purpose Expiration
SA 10-001 (Rev 2) National Aerospace Training & Research Center Space Training System Model 400 to replicate flight profiles (G’s) 20270617 Jun 17, 2027
SA 11-003 (Rev 2) Space TEC Partners Incorporated Certified Aerospace Technician Credentialing Process 20260610 Jun 10, 2026
SA 12-004 (Rev 2) National Aerospace Training & Research Center Falcon 12/4 Altitude Chamber to replicate pressures 20270911 Sep 11, 2027
SA 13-005 (Rev 2) Black Sky Training Scenario Based Physiology Training 20280328 Mar 28, 2028
SA 14-006 Black Sky Training Training for crew and spaceflight participants 20240121 Jan 21, 2024
SA 14-007 Waypoint 2 Space, Incorporated Provide a training service for crew and spaceflight participants 20240122 Jan 22, 2024
SEA-18-008 (Rev 1) Axient Corporation Flight Analyst Workstation 20280117 Jan 17, 2028

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