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FOIA and Litigation Packet Information

Information typically requested under FOIA are a Final Toxicology Report or a Litigation Packet.

  • Final Toxicology Report is the official toxicology report of an individual tested in the Forensic Sciences laboratory.
  • A litigation package consists of the Final Toxicology Report, chain of custody records, analytical test records, and quality control records.
  • FOIA requests should be requested via email, and sent

or send your request to:

FAA - Civil Aerospace Medical Institute
CAMI FOIA Coordinator
Program Management Staff
P.O. Box 25082
Oklahoma City, OK 73125

General FOIA for FAA accidents/incidents

  • For reports from BSRB Forensic Sciences, members of the general public must submit a written request under FOIA to the Bioaeronautical Sciences Research Branch Laboratory, AAM-610.
  • FOIA requests may be made 15 days after final report has been signed. However, if the report is not complete, or the required 15 days for NTSB or FAA review have not occurred, a response will be submitted indicating a final report to be sent upon completion.
  • All information requested under FOIA will be transmitted by U.S. Mail or other mutually acceptable means.

FOIA for non-fatal accidents/incidents

  • FAA order 8020.11c states in Chapter 4, “Section 14. Airman and Aircraft Records. The FAA is prohibited from releasing the medical records of any living person without the individual's consent.”
  • Release of records on non-fatal persons requires a written release from the person being tested, executor of the estate, or guardian (computer generated signatures are not acceptable).
  • In the absence of a written release, as described above, records can only be released, 5 USC 552a(b) (11), pursuant to an order of a court of competent jurisdiction (not a subpoena duces tecum). This must be signed by a judge of the court, not a clerk of the court.

FOIA for non-FAA accidents/incidents

  • All surface accident requests must be referred to the agency responsible for that mode of transportation.
  • Results for foreign governments are ONLY releasable to the requesting foreign government. Requests for reports/information should to be referred to the appropriate foreign government agency.

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