FAA STEM AVSED Program FY23 Annual Report

girl in front of chalkboard with space and aviation themed drawingsThe FAA’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Aviation and Space Education (STEM AVSED) Program raises awareness of aerospace career opportunities and conducts outreach to K-12 students across the nation. The STEM AVSED Program has been the Agency’s student outreach and education program since the 1960s and is well situated to work with aerospace stakeholders and educational organizations to address impending aviation workforce shortages.

This FY23 Annual Report provides stakeholders with a summary of the FAA STEM AVSED Program’s activities throughout FY23 and includes a look forward for FY24. The report provides information on how the Program operates, its strategic goals, and recent achievements. It also provides data on the extent of the Program’s reach across the nation. In addition to being informative, our hope is that stakeholders see the value of continuing to support the Program to ensure its continued expansion and success. 

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Our Mission

Inspire youth from diverse backgrounds to pursue aerospace careers and create a consistent pipeline of professionals for a robust workforce of the future.

STEM AVSED FY23 Highlights


Outreach Representatives from all lines of business.


In-person and virtual events held across the country.


Total students.

49,392 female students and 40,103 ethnic minority students.

Total educators:



Airport Design Challenge participants from all 50 states and 33 countries. 


ACE Academy summer aviation education programs

16 adopted schools serving 496 students.

Our Four Goal Areas

Looking Forward

In FY24, the STEM AVSED Program will continue to invest in its signature programs, looking at ways to expand and improve upon the Adopt-a-School (AAS) and Airport Design Challenge (ADC) programs. In the area of communications, the Program will continue to expand its internal and external communications through the use of social media, which is a powerful tool to reach students. These efforts include dedicating a full season of the FAA’s podcast, “The Air Up There,” to STEM-related content.

As the STEM AVSED Program continues to reach more and more students, parents, and educators over the coming years, Program staff look forward to continually working to serve their mission of inspiring youth from diverse backgrounds to pursue aerospace careers and creating a consistent pipeline of professionals for a robust workforce of the future.

Click here to read the full FY23 Annual Report.

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Last updated: Wednesday, April 10, 2024