This is the seventh bi-annual aviation magnet school survey completed for the FAA since 1991. The first survey conducted for a national magnet school conference identified 9 public high schools with magnet aviation themes. This latest survey has identified a total of 71 aviation magnet school programs in 2005/2006.

The total survey lists 125 separate contacts divided into three separate groups.

  • The first identifies the 71 magnet schools and 3 magnet district office contacts.
  • The second lists 36 schools with some type of aviation/aerospace program not clearly verified by type.
  • The third lists 15 schools with unique aviation/aerospace programs.
All school programs were identified with an address, contact person and phone, email and school web site numbers if they were provided.

A total of 25 states have school districts offering aviation magnet school programs in 2005. These states also have school districts offering other types of aviation/aerospace programs at schools. The states with the most magnet type programs are listed below:

Top states with the most magnet type programs
State Number of Programs
Florida 10
Virginia 8
New York 7
New Jersey 6
Texas 5
California 5
Arizona 4

This survey indicates continuing growth of the aviation/aerospace theme in the development of magnet schools. Aviation/aerospace is one of the fastest growing themes.

Survey compiled by Dr. Frank G. Mitchell; The University of Oklahoma Department of Aviation; 1700 Asp Avenue; Norman, OK 73072