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FAA Volunteers for Girls in Aviation Day (GIAD) Memphis, TN

illustration of FAA Volunteers for Girls

The Tennessee Air National Guard 164th Airlift Wing, Memphis Intl Airport, hosted its 10th Annual "Girls in Aviation Day (GIAD)", presented by the Women In Aviation (WIA) Memphis Belles Chapter in support of WIA Day on October 13, 2018.

GIAD is an international and annual event whose goal is to reach out to young girls ages 8-17 to "help introduce girls to the excitement of aviation and aerospace all around the world." Approximately 188 girls attended the event along with multiple volunteers and organization supporters like Boeing, OBAP Project Aerospace and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to name a few.

Volunteers from the FAA included (L-R) Tammy Bowers, LaSonya Wrench, Carmen Davis, Sherita Douglas, and Judy Lewis, and Judy Walker representing the FAA/Fed Ex CMO and the Memphis District, Operational Support Staff (OSS).

The FAA module challenged young women to identify defective issues on various aviation parts, i.e. aircraft cabin window, turbine blade or flap position indicator,and then select a leader to brief on the defective issues identified. The module also included a presentation by the FAA about the different opportunities available within the Agency, the pathway to those opportunities, and a personal introduction from each of the volunteers.

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