What's an ACE Academy?

  • A fun, interactive aviation summer camp geared towards middle-high school students who are interested in aviation and aerospace. Each camp is unique and no two are identical.
  • An adventure where campers use flight simulators, go on field trips to aviation sites, and in some locations - fly in an airplane!
  • An exciting opportunity for campers to learn about planning a flight, aviation history, the physics of flight, and the design and maintenance of aircraft.

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Photo Gallery

Three F-16s F-16 about to be refueled by a KC-135 F-16 being refueled by a KC-135 ace camper standing inside of an engine to show how big it is ace campers in a cockpit ace campers stand near a helicopter ace campers congregate in a room with airplane overhead ACE campers viewing instructions on how to preflight an airfoil. Dakota and Daniel pose with Udo Cassee with an airplane behind them.