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Aviation and Space Education (AVSED) Airport Design Challenge

2020 FAA Airport Design Challenge

April 27 to June 1, 2020

The FAA invites student participants who currently use Minecraft software to create a model airport from the ground up. The airport will include all required airside elements and students will receive weekly instruction from FAA staff with expertise in specific areas of airport development. With that information, individually or in small teams, students will research a local airport of their choosing and then recreate that airport in the virtual world of Minecraft!

Refer to the following caption.
Clinton Municipal Airport and Student Created Airport

What you can expect...

  • Small teams of students work together to learn about their local airport and to complete development tasks in Minecraft
  • Five weeks of organized lesson plans covering topics from airport layout, pavement, lighting, structures, and innovative growth
  • Weekly knowledge check worksheets which will be turned accompanied by screen shots of student progress
  • Collaborative work between students, parents, and teachers performed in a virtual environment
  • STEM based applied knowledge in math, engineering, and career development

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