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Are employers required to renew their contractor registrations for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) drug and alcohol programs?

View the full FAQ here.

Yes. Although the requirement to renew a contractor registration is not included in our regulation, we have implemented a renewal procedure and added an expiration date to our form. The suggested registration format includes a box to indicate that the submission is for purposes of renewal. Although we will attempt to notify companies in advance of their expiration dates, we expect companies to keep track of when they must ask for renewal of their registrations.

If your current contractor registration does not include an expiration date, please send a renewal request to the FAA Drug Abatement Division as soon as possible. You can find the registration format, including specific instructions for submission, on our website.

We do not normally invalidate or terminate an employer's registration, unless it is expired and the registered employer did not renew it. If you contract with an employer that has a program registration without an expiration date, you may continue to use that contractor and its employees. When this happens, we would ask that you encourage the contractor to renew its program registration. If the program registration were expired, we would recommend that you not use that contractor until the registration is renewed.

For assistance with the registration process, or if you have any further questions, please contact the FAA's Drug Abatement Division at (202) 267-8442 or

Please visit our website to learn more about our program.