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FAA Airports Jobs


FAA Airports

We’re Hiring

With over $25 billion in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law dedicated to improving and expanding America's airport infrastructure, you have a chance to make history.

The FAA's Office of Airports is growing its diverse team of civil engineers, environmental protection specialists and community planners nationwide and looking for your talents. Learn more below about each role and how to apply.

Civil Engineers

Open Jobs

Depending on your experience level (designated by the letters G/H/I from least to greatest experience) and whether you're a current/former federal employee, the applications links vary.

What We Do

Civil engineers engage with local airports on using grant funding for airport development and maintenance. They review airport engineering design drawings, specifications, construction safety and phasing plans to ensure compliance with established requirements. Engineers visit airport sites to observe construction progress and to perform construction inspections. The job involves a lot of program and grant management.

Meet Our Engineers

Meet Melanie

photo of Melanie
  • Chicagoan living in the suburbs, connoisseur of bacon, lover of opera and punk rock music (and most everything in between), FAA civil engineer of 18-years and counting
  • Transportation moves goods and people where they need to be. My love of aviation started young when, as a toddler, I took my first flight to visit my grandparents living on the other side of the world.

Meet Delvin

photo of Delvin
  • Detroit native, Army Veteran, Airports District Office program manager/civil engineer
  • After over thirty years of service in the U.S. military, I decided to rejoin the workforce but had two very important criteria, the work be meaningful, and I enjoyed what I would be doing…well "check" and "check"…definitely made the right decision joining the FAA family.

Meet Paulette

photo of Paulette
  • Texan, UTEP grad, HIIT enthusiast, weekend bruncher, engineer first in the Air Traffic Organization, now in Airports, WY airports project manager
  • What I love about being an engineer in ARP is that I am not only part of the construction management of our AIP projects but I also get to be part of the planning process that helps airports grow and provide a higher level of safety to the public.

Meet Eric

photo of Eric
  • Dad, civil engineer designer turned airports consultant turned actual airport development director, now Denver Airports District Office program support to southern UT airports
  • Working with the FAA gives me flexibility to enjoy time with my family and all of their big events.

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Environmental Protection Specialists

Open Jobs

Depending on your experience level (designated by the letters G/H/I from least to greatest experience) and whether you're a current/former federal employee, the application links vary.

New to the Federal

Current/former Federal employee

What We Do

Environmental protection specialists review environmental documents and apply their knowledge of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) in helping airports ensure that their development proposals engage local communities, including tribal coordination, and meet environmental standards.

Meet Our Environmental Protection Specialist

Meet Jack

photo of Jack
  • Alaska-based Chicagoan, lifelong Cubs and Bears fan, world traveler, volunteer firefighter/EMT, guitarist, hobbyist drone pilot, retired Air Force Officer, FAA environmental protection specialist
  • I like clean air and water, and a healthy environment. I also like well-maintained airports that help sustain our diverse Alaskan communities, so I strive to lead an environmental program that maintains a reasonable balance between environmental stewardship and customer service.

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Community Planners

Open Jobs

Depending on your experience level (designated by the letters G/H/I from least to greatest experience) and whether you're a current/former federal employee, the application links vary.

What We Do

Community planners work with airports, state aeronautical agencies and metropolitan authorities on sustainable airport planning through review and coordination of airport layout and master plans. Applicants must have a degree in community planning or related field, such as urban planning, architecture, and landscape architecture with certain curriculum requirements or experience in community planning.

Meet Our Planners

Meet Ryan

photo of Ryan
  • Tree farmer, mountain biker, life-long WA stater, strong coffee drinker, gear head, Lead planner
  • I love being at the intersection of many disciplines (planning, environmental, engineering, construction, finance, legal, business) and all focused on airports and aviation.

Meet Gina

photo of Gina
  • Dog lover, proud mom, Minnesotan, sports fan, valuer of human kindness, AICP accredited community planner
  • I love working with airport sponsors to accomplish their desired projects in a way that integrates well with the built and natural environment and federal funding eligibility opportunities.

Meet Jana

photo of Jana
  • MSU alumna (Go Green!), mother, model train enthusiast, community planner
  • Planning provides an opportunity to impact the built environment and see an airport's vision become reality. Our work spans over multiple states, but good planning can happen almost anywhere. As a mother of two young children, the flexible work schedules at the FAA balance our mission to serve our customers many miles away with the mission to my family, right here, at home.

Meet Jonathan

photo of Jonathan
  • Former Air Force officer now Reservist, U of Idaho grad, camper, hiker, traveler, admirer of art with wife Jessica and dog Ollie, Lead planner
  • I enjoy working in Alaska because access to safe and efficient air transportation is so important in this state – I love knowing that my work makes a real difference in people's lives.

Meet Christy

photo of Christy
  • WY DOT-er for 25 years (from internship to career!), Embry-Riddle grad, not a pilot, community planner
  • I became an airport planner because I wanted to help bring jobs and opportunity to small towns like the one I came from (pop. 40!). I love helping people, businesses and communities connect to the rest of the world, no matter where they are from.

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