Aircraft Registration

Aircraft Registration Renewal Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

When Is It Time to Renew An Aircraft's Registration?

Aircraft registration expires three years after an aircraft was registered or last renewed. The registration renewal date-to-file is scheduled five months before the expiration.

The application for registration renewal must be filed five months before registration expires to enable delivery of a new certificate before the old certificate expires. This provides a safety margin for correcting application errors. Prompt filing does not change the new expiration date.

See the Aircraft Registration Renewal Schedule below to determine the date-to-file your renewal application

Aircraft Registration Renewal Schedule
Renewal Notice
Mailed 6 Months Before Expiration
Date to File Application
Send 5 Months Before Expiration
Expiration Date
During Your Expiration Year
August 1 September 1 January 31
September 1 October 1 February 28
October 1 November 1 March 31
November 1 December 1 April 30
December 1 January 1 May 31
January 1 February 1 June 30
February 1 March 1 July 31
March 1 April 1 August 31
April 1 May 1 September 30
May 1 June 1 October 31
June 1 July 1 November 30
July 1 August 1 December 31
  1. Find your expiration date in the column to the right.
  2. The date to file your application is shown in the middle column.
  3. The FAA will send a notice to the address of record on the date shown in the column on the left.

To determine your aircraft's registration expiration date: look up the registration here.

Will FAA notify owners when it is time to Renew Registration?

Yes, the FAA Aircraft Registration Branch will send a courtesy notice to the registered owner(s) of an aircraft at the mailing address on file. The notices will be mailed six months prior to their aircraft's registration expiration date. Filing an aircraft's renewal application before the file-by date allows time to process an error free application, fee, and the delivery of a new certificate before the old certificate expires. Filing the application earlier, about five months before expiration, allows time to request and process the correction of application errors, and to replace certificates that are misdirected during delivery.

Is this the only notice that will be sent?

If the aircraft registration has not been renewed before the file-by date, FAA will send a second notice advising the owner of the pending expiration and their options. A third notice will be sent when an aircraft's registration has expired. It will inform the owner that the registration and airworthiness certificates no longer support operation of the aircraft and that the assigned N-Number will be cancelled if the aircraft is not registered within 60 days of the date of the letter.

Can I send in my application early?

Renewal applications may be filed as much as six months before the aircraft registration's expiration date. Applications received more than 30 days before this may be returned to the registered owner with instructions to re-file the application and fee at the appropriate time. Fees sent with a premature application will be refunded under separate cover. It is advised to file a registration renewal application about five months before expiration. This will allow time to resolve any issue that may arise and delay the new certificates issuance and delivery.

Can renewal be completed on-line?

Yes, most aircraft owners should be able to renew their registration on-line. The first two notices sent will have a security code that enables on-line application, provided the aircraft's current ownership and registration address(es) match what is shown in FAA records, the ownership still meets citizenship requirements, and the $5 fee can be paid by credit card.

Can I mail my Registration Renewal form? / What's the address?

Yes, you can apply for registration renewal by mail. Anyone who has registration changes to report must send their application by mail. The blank, aircraft registration renewal form is available on-line at our registration Forms Page.

U.S. Postal Service regular and Priority mail

FAA Aircraft Registration Branch AFS-750
PO Box 25504
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0504

Overnight or Commercial Delivery Services

FAA Aircraft Registration Branch AFS-750
6425 S Denning Rm 118
Oklahoma City, OK 73169-6937

What is the aircraft registration renewal fee? How do I make Fee payments?

The aircraft registration renewal fee is $5.00 per aircraft. Fees for on-line transactions are paid through Pay.Gov which accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. If you are mailing your application and payment, please pay by check or money order made payable to the Federal Aviation Administration.

How does the on-line Aircraft Registration Renewal web page work?

Upon receiving the "Notice: Expiration of Aircraft Registration" letter, the aircraft owner will access the Aircraft Registration Renewal web page. In the "Let's get started" box enter the aircraft's N-Number and the security code into the indicated spaces, then select "Next". This will display the Aircraft Registration Renewal application filled out with the information then on file with the FAA Aircraft Registration Branch for this aircraft. The page also offers the owner the option to affirm that no changes to the registration information shown are needed or that there is a change to be reported. Before selecting an option, carefully review the information shown.

If you find that: the aircraft description matches your aircraft; the owner or owners' names* are correctly listed; the mailing address and physical address are correct; the owner(s) still meets citizenship requirements under 14 CFR §47.3; and the aircraft is not registered in another country; then you should affirm that no changes are needed to this registration by selecting that option. This will take you to a page where you may proceed with payment, or to add the first aircraft to your cart and proceed to the renewal of another aircraft. Follow the instructions and select the links appropriate to your situation.

If you find that: there is an unreported change in address or ownership*; a loss of qualifying citizenship status by an owner; or the aircraft is registered in another country; then select the option indicating that there are changes to report. This will redisplay the form with active fields for you to enter the updates or report changes. When you are finished making your entries; print the form, sign it, and mail it to the FAA Aircraft Registry at the address shown on the form. If only an address has changed and the aircraft will remain registered in your name, include the $5.00 renewal fee with your form. Before signing the form, please review the Helpful Information section on the right side of the form to verify who should sign, the title signers should show, and to find direction to further assistance if needed.

* The Renewal Application form only has room to show the first two owners of an aircraft. To verify the names of any additional owners, you can look up an N-Number on-line and review the names shown as other owners. This link will take you to the Aircraft Inquiry page. Select "N-Number" to bring up the N-Number Inquiry page. Enter the N-Number of your aircraft in the space provided and select the "Submit" button. This will bring up the aircraft registration information page for your aircraft; you may need to scroll down to see "Other Owner Names".

Is there a way to pay for multiple on-line renewal actions with one credit card payment?

Yes. The on-line Registration Renewal web page now accepts as many as 25 registration renewal actions in one session. This includes accepting payment of the multiple renewal fees in one on-line credit card transaction. The aircraft must be due for renewal according to the applicable schedule, and the time for on-line renewal applications must still be open.

I can't find my on-line renewal security code, can I get it resent or by phone?

The code is sent with the first two notices of registration expiration. It cannot be re-issued or provided by phone. You may renew the aircraft's registration following the instructions under "How do I renew aircraft registration without the on-line security code?"

How do I re-renew aircraft registration without the on-line security code?

If you did not receive the renewal notices with the on-line renewal security code, or if you have an address or other registration change to report; then you must mail the aircraft registration renewal application with the appropriate fee(s). Visit the Aircraft Inquiry to look up an N-Number. Enter your aircraft's N-Number in the space provided and select "Submit" to perform an N-Number inquiry for your aircraft. Review the registration information shown for your aircraft; the names of the owners, the mailing address(es), and the type of registration and status. It may be useful to print the results page.

Next, visit Aircraft Registration Forms. From the Registration Forms List select, AC Form 8050-1B Aircraft Registration Renewal Application. This form may be filled out on-line. Complete the top half of the form using the information from the N-Number inquiry page. If your mailing or physical address has changed, enter the new address(es) in the spaces provided. If your mailing address is a PO Box then you must also provide a physical address. Select the appropriate certification statement, print the form, and sign it as appropriate for the aircraft's type of ownership. Send the form and the $5 renewal fee to the FAA Aircraft Registration Branch at the address shown.

Does the expiration of registration affect the leases, liens, or security agreements already on file at the FAA Aircraft Registration Branch?

14 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 49 - Recording of Aircraft Titles and Security Documents, provides regulations for the recording of certain conveyances affecting an interest in U.S. registered aircraft. The validity of any instrument recordable under this part such as a bill of sale, lease, lien, or security instrument is governed by the laws of the State, possession, Puerto Rico, or District of Columbia in which the instrument was delivered. This rule did not make any change to Part 49, and the Aircraft Registration Branch does not anticipate any changes in the examination and processing of these instruments. It is notable that an aircraft with expired registration is not registered, which means new instruments may not be recorded until the aircraft is again registered. However, when an aircraft's registration expires, the recorded bills of sale, liens, leases, and security interests that are part of the aircraft record will remain a part of that record. Recorded instruments will be available for review during periods of expiration as they are now following the sale, export, registration cancellation, and even the demise of the aircraft.

Does expiration of registration affect an aircraft's airworthiness certificate?

Because an aircraft with an expired registration is not registered, its airworthiness certification would be considered ineffective. Without registration the aircraft is not authorized for flight. Once registration is restored, the airworthiness certificate not having been surrendered, revoked or terminated would become effective again provided the aircraft is otherwise compliant with maintenance, inspections, and any other requirements for an effective airworthiness. If you have further questions please contact an airworthiness inspector through your nearest Flight Standards District Office.

Last updated: Wednesday, June 22, 2022