About Cleen

The CLEEN program goals are to

  • mature previously conceived noise, emissions, and fuel burn reduction technologies to enable industry to expedite integration of these technologies into current and future aircraft
  • assess and advance the development of alternative "drop in" aviation fuels, with a focus on renewable fuels.

The CLEEN program will include

  • Developing and demonstrating:
    • Certifiable aircraft technology that reduces fuel burn by 33% compared to current technology, reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions;
    • Certifiable engine technology that reduces landing and takeoff cycle (LTO) nitrogen oxide emissions by 60 percent, at a pressure ratio of 30, over the ICAO standard adopted at CAEP 6, with commensurate reductions over the full pressure ratio range, while limiting or reducing other gaseous or particle emissions;
    • Certifiable aircraft technology that reduces noise levels by 32 EPNdB cumulative, relative to Stage 4 standards; and
  • Determination of the extent to which new engine and aircraft technologies may be used to retrofit or re-engine aircraft so as to increase the level of penetration into the commercial fleet.
  • Developing and demonstrating:
    • The feasibility of use of alternative fuels in aircraft systems, including successful demonstration and quantification of benefits; and
    • Transition strategies that enable “drop in” replacement for petroleum derived turbine engine fuels with no compromise in safety