2012 First Annual FAA Flight Standards Asia-Pacific Meeting - August 14-16, 2012The FAA Flight Standards Service is initiating a meeting with the States from the Asia Pacific Region that will provide a unique opportunity to share information on our best practices in the safety oversight of operations and continuing airworthiness with civil aviation authorities in the Asia-Pacific Region. Continuing a tradition of other FAA international outreach activities, this meeting will provide a forum for aviation safety leaders to delve more deeply into the FAA Flight Standards Service activities as well as receive information on safety oversight topics key to the Region.

The first two days of the meeting will be open to civil aviation authorities only. The authority only session will be followed by a half day industry session which will provide additional focus on topics related to air carrier operations into the United States.

Mr. John Allen, the Director of the Flight Standards Service, will chair this event. Notional topics to be addressed include:

  • International Aviation Safety Assessment Program
  • Technical Review and Technical Assistance
  • FAA requirements for Foreign Air Carrier Service into the United States
  • International Aviation Safety Data Exchange (IASDEx) Ramp Inspection Data Sharing
  • FAA Certification of Maintenance Repair Organizations
  • Pilot Training and Fatigue Risk Management
  • Update to Rulemaking Activities
  • NextGen
  • Safety Management System
  • ICAO Support Initiatives
    • Model Civil Aviation Regulations
    • Government Safety Inspector Training
    • Safety Inspector Training Profiles
    • Work-Tracking System

We are also soliciting additional topics of interest that you would like to have addressed at the meeting. Suggested topics can be sent to the contact listed below.

Who Should Attend

  • Government aviation standards, certification, operations, and maintenance personnel

Industry Participation

  • Half day session on August 16th open to industry representatives