Friday, March 18, 2005

Mainline Air Carrier & Regional/Commuter Breakout Panel

Air Cargo Panel

  • Supply Issues
    • David Hoppin, Principal, MergeGlobal, Inc., Presentation (PDF)
    • Pam Hamilton, Director, Air Cargo, Regulatory Inspections Division, Transportation Security Administration, Presentation (MS PowerPoint)
    • Morton Plumb, Jr., Airport Director, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Presentation (MS PowerPoint)
    • Lucinda Harshman, Director, Air Service Development, Allegheny County Airport Authority, Presentation (MS PowerPoint)
  • Demand Issues
    • Steve Alterman, President, Cargo Airline Association, Presentation (MS PowerPoint)
    • Rakesh Shalia, Senior Marketing Analyst, Marketing Department, FedEx Corporation, Presentation (MS PowerPoint)
    • Dick van den Berg, Senior Business Analyst, KLM Cargo, Presentation (MS PowerPoint)
    • Peter Diefenbach, Senior Advisor — The A.m.ericas, Nippon Cargo Airlines, Presentation (MS PowerPoint)


  • Airport Management in Uncertain Times
    • Larry Dale, President, Orlando Sanford International Airport, Presentation (MS PowerPoint)
    • Tony Storck, Director, Air Service Development, Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Presentation (MS PowerPoint)
    • Kent G. George, Executive Director, Allegheny County Airport Authority, Chairman, ACI-NA
    • George F. Doughty, Executive Director, Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority, Presentation (MS PowerPoint)
  • Airport Planning and Financing in Uncertain Times
    • Linda Howard, Director, Planning & Programming, Texas Department of Transportation, Aviation Division, Presentation (MS PowerPoint)
    • Christina Cassotis, Vice President, SH&E Consulting, Presentation (MS PowerPoint)
    • Karen George, Senior Consultant, John F. Brown Company, Presentation (MS PowerPoint)
    • Henry Ogrodzinski, President & CEO, National Association of State Aviation Officials

General Aviation

  • General Aviation Issues and Future Outlook
    • Ed Bolen, President and CEO, National Business Aviation Association
    • Phil Boyer, President, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, Presentation (MS PowerPoint)
    • James K. Coyne, President, National Air Transportation Association
    • Ronald L. Swanda, Interim President, General Aviation and Manufacturers Association
  • General Aviation New Technologies
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) (MS PowerPoint) —John Walker, President, JS Walker Group
  • Shared Ownership (MS PowerPoint) — David Lee, Founder and CEO, Airshares Elite
  • Jet Cards (MS PowerPoint) — Tony Marlow, Vice President, Business Operations, Flight Options, LLC
  • Sport Pilot and Aircraft (MS PowerPoint) — Douglas Macnair, Vice President, Government Relations, Experimental Aircraft Association

National Airspace System Planning