Category Sponsorship Packages

This is an opportunity to have your company featured in the conference program which is marketed to hundreds of executives around the nation. The conference has one of the widest reaching and most aggressive marketing campaigns.

If you are interested in sponsoring our conference, please fill out a Sponsorship Order Form (PDF) and email to or fax to (703) 935-4754.

Package Features
Feature Platinum
Exhibitor Space 10x10 Deluxe 10x10 Booth 10x10 Booth
Conference Directory Outside Back Cover Inside Back Cover Logo Placement / Corporate Description Logo Placement
Logo on all pre-conference promotional materials and event web site Yes Yes Yes Yes
Logo on appearance on presentation screen during breaks (Thanking All Sponsors) Yes Yes Yes Yes
1 Coffee break with logo Yes Yes
Complimentary Registrations 2 1 1 1
Logo on signage at the conference Registration Hall Track Session Hall
Tote Bag Insert Yes Yes Yes Yes

Other Sponsorship Packages

Evening Networking Cocktail Reception (Exclusive) — $10,000

You'll be a big winner with attendees with this high-profile sponsorship. Use your imagination to choose from a variety of themes including sports bar, wine tasting, poker night and more. Pricing includes basic theme and food and beverage, but customizable opportunities abound to help achieve your corporate goals. Held on Monday evening, this is the biggest networking reception of the conference, attendees by conference delegates, speakers, exhibitors and press. Your sponsorship will be highlighted in promotional materials, conference directory and appropriate signage on-site. Your executive addresses the audience briefly.

Full CyberCafe Sponsorship (Exclusive) — $7,500

The CyberCafe is a special area that allows participants to get connected while attending the conference. Visitors can use the Center to check their email and search the Internet. As a sponsor of the CyberCafe, your logo will be prominently displayed on all CyberCafe signage and terminal screensavers, and your web site will be set as the default home page for the terminals. Sponsors may also provide mouse pads for the area. A great way to stay in the minds of attendees � and they'll thank you for the service! Screensaver art and URL provided by sponsor.

Wireless Sponsorship (Exclusive) — $8,000

Help attendees stay connected by sponsoring the wireless access in the Exhibitors Hall / lounge area. Your logo will be prominently displayed in the exhibit hall.

Conference Tote Bag Sponsorship (Exclusive LOGO) — $7,500

Get the attention of conference attendees from the moment they register. Your logo will appear prominently on the conference tote bags, distributed to all conference attendees. Not only will you generate awareness throughout the conference, but your value continues when delegates return home and re-use their bags!

Vendor Sponsored Workshops — $7,500

This is an opportunity to showcase your company and inform the attendees that want to know more. Workshops will take place the first day of the conference, September 28th from 1:00 pm. There will be two sessions and three tracks in each. First track will take place at 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM, the second session will begin at 3:30 PM until 5:30 PM. Sign up now; there are only 6 slots available!!

Keynote Lunch Sponsorships — $7,500

This is one of the highlights of the conference, become a speaker and brand the luncheons. You will be hosting the keynote lunches; your company logo will be on every table, reaching out to all attendees, speakers and exhibitors. Your executive makes brief comments and introduces the speaker.

Keynote Session Sponsorships — $5,500

Corporate identity is very important, be seen during the Keynote Sessions with your logo everywhere in the Grand Ballroom A, where all attendees and speakers will be debating and presenting.

Track Sponsorships — $3,500

Brand, Brand, Brand, corporate identity is very important, be seen during the Breakout Sessions with your logo in one of the breakout Ballrooms.

Lanyard Sponsorship (Exclusive) — $5,000

No one can miss your presence when your corporate identity literally circles every neck at the show! Each attendee, speaker and exhibitor will receive a lanyard with their badge at registration. Badges are required for admission at all conference events, so your company awareness is a constant throughout the conference. A great attention-getter! (Includes production costs)

Hospitality Suites Sponsorships (Only two available) — $5,000

Entertain and demonstrate your stuff with a hospitality suite. Vendors are encouraged to be creative when planning Hospitality Suite activities. Many hosts build their suites around a theme, with displays, music, food and beverages. Sponsors may choose to demonstrate your products or services, set up competitive events, or simply socialize. The conference will publicize and promote the hospitality suites. (Food and beverages costs are additional)

Golf Sponsorship (Exclusive LOGO) — SOLD

Working up a sweat by playing 18 holes can be thirsty work! Quench their thirst while getting incredible exposure by sponsoring customized water bottles and towels. Water bottles and towels will be available at the welcome team gathering along with water "filling stations". Signage will let them know who to thank and where to find you! Sponsorship includes 400 sport water bottles, tees and towels with 2-color logo and appropriate signage.

Golf Transportation Sponsorship (Exclusive) — $1,000

Be the official transporter of the Golf Event while getting incredible exposure on the bus, to and from the event.

Coffee Break Sponsorships (only six available) — $2,500

Create a buzz and energize everyone around you, sponsor a coffee break. All attendees will enjoy the afternoon breaks that are offered, along side your company's logo to provide adequate branding in an elegant style.

Breakfast Sponsorship (only three available) — $2,500

Your mom was right breakfast IS the most important meal of the day! Help the attendees get their eyes open and their synapses firing by giving them coffee, bagels, fruit juice and other delicious stuff. They'll be ever so grateful. Be recognized at the breakfast station in the main conference sessions, logo placement on table during breakfast.

Tote Bag Inserts (only 20 available) — $1,000

Get your message across with a Tote bag Insert, it's quick and to the point. Everyone at the conference will know your there and will know you care. All attendees will have your company literature in their hand. This is an invaluable opportunity to reach the entire audience.