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FAA Data Optimization Summit

FAA, DoD, and aviation industry representatives engaged in active dialog regarding our shared path in modernizing Aeronautical Information (AI) and Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) data.

What was the FAA's Data Optimization Summit?

The inaugural Summit brought together current and prospective users of Aeronautical Information (AI) / and Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) data for a full day of ideation and discussion. We shared the current AI/NOTAM modernization efforts underway and what's planned moving forward. Participants saw demonstrations of data available today and had time to talk with subject matter experts who are working on making this data available in ways that are valuable.

As a valued member of the aviation community, we asked for your active engagement in a dialog on the innovative ways you are using AI/NOTAM data today; where you are having challenges; what's working currently; and how we can enhance FAA data for pilots, aviation operators, and other NOTAM consumers. We gathered a great deal of information from our in-person and virtual participants that we are presently analyzing.

Did You Miss the Live Event?

Videos of the livestream are available on FAA's YouTube channel. You can also check out the slide deck (PDF, 129 MB) from the Summit.

Curious What Data is Available Today?

If you'd like to see what's available to you currently, please take time to:

When is the Next Summit?

The FAA will host the multi-session Aeronautical Information Optimization Summit virtually, beginning July 30, 2020. Visit the event page to learn more about this year's Summit, and register for free today.

Have Questions or Feedback?

Contact us at with your questions or feedback.

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