For Immediate Release

March 21, 2000
Contact: Elizabeth Isham Cory
Phone: 847-294-7849

CHICAGO, IL, March 21, 2000 The Federal Aviation Administration has proposed to assess a $90,000 civil penalty against Superior Foam Division, Koala Corporation, for allegedly violating Department of Transportation hazardous materials regulations.

The action stems from an incident that occurred on or about May 13, 1999. The FAA alleges that Superior Foam offered a shipment of hazardous materials to Emery for transportation by air. These materials consisted of one wooden crate bearing no orientation or identification markings, and no labels.

The shipment was flown from Austin, Texas, to an Emery sort facility in Dayton, Ohio. There, ground-handling personnel noticed the shipment emitted an odor. Upon opening the crate, Emery personnel discovered eight (8) 1-gallon cans of adhesive, a packing group II flammable liquid. These items were not properly prepared for transportation as required by federal regulations. In addition, Superior Foam failed to make required emergency response information available.

Superior Foam/Koala will have 30 days from its receipt of the FAA’s Civil Penalty Letter to respond to the allegations.

This announcement is made in accordance with the FAA’s practice of releasing information to the public on newly issued enforcement actions involving penalties of $50,000 or more.