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Press Release – FAA Proposes $90,000 Civil Penalty in Southwest Airlines Hazmat Case

For Immediate Release

March 3, 1998
Contact: John Clabes
Phone: 405-954-7500

FORT WORTH — The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) today said it will propose to assess a $90,000 civil penalty against Southwest Airlines for violating several hazardous materials regulations.

A registered letter outlining the violations and proposals was sent to the company Feb. 12. The FAA alleges Southwest accepted hazardous materials for shipment on a passenger flight from Los Angeles to Albuquerque, N. M. on May 5, 1997, in violation of hazardous materials regulations.

The FAA said the shipment was clearly labeled as ammonium hydroxide. The airway bill from Graph Air Freight described the shipment as machine parts. It was sent by Hoppers Drafting Furniture to Spooky Tooth Production, Santa Fe, N. M., through the air freight company.

Southwest Airlines has 30 days to confer with the FAA or submit additional information on the alleged violation.

This announcement is being made in accordance with the FAA's policy of releasing information to the public on newly-issued enforcement actions involving civil penalties of $50,000 or more.


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